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Quest-breaking glitch: Mercer may not appear in the cavern at all. In some circumstances, he never shows up at the 'final' showdown! As you arrive at Snow Veil Sanctum, you will find Mercer waiting for you outside the entrance. The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine, The writing, however, is backwards. Karliah: "Not quick enough, otherwise Gallus would still be alive." He will then become a 'temporary' follower and will follow you to the locked door leading into the Snow Veil Catacombs. ", As you progress through the ruins, Mercer will often warn you about several traps along the way. Does anyone out there know how to fix this bug? If the Dragonborn leaves and re-enters too many times, Karliah and Brynjolf may occasionally continue walking along the bottom of the flooded cave, as if there is no water. Just continue to swim up as the water pours in. Fortunately, these doors have a weakness if you know how to exploit it. It’s got nothing on home, that’s for sure. Before leaving the room, make sure to stop and collect the loot that is in the Falmer chest, which is located next to a Falmer tent to the left on the way to the ramp out. Mercer Frey in his best possible state doesn't even measure up to someone who only started adventuring like a month or two ago. Anonymous. Mercer uses an invisibility spell, so use the Detect Life scrolls, or, if the scrolls were not taken, the Detect Life spell, the Aura Whisper Shout, or, if the Dragonborn is a werewolf, the Scent of Blood power to reveal him and attack. Once you have made your way through the Dwarven ruins of Irkngthand to the Irkngthand Sanctuary, you will see Mercer Frey trying to pry the Eyes of the Falmer from the statue. Mercer Frey. In the next room, rotating flame towers will activate. After a short battle the cave starts to cave in and the water level starts to rise. Prerequisite Should that fail to happen, pausing and unpausing the game may fix it. An arrow should be pointing into a hole or cavern up near the roof. He can typically be found behind his desk in the Ragged Flagon Cistern. The Dwemer ruins of Irkngthand, the location of the Eyes of the Falmer. Upon sheathing one's weapon she will stop, allowing her to be talked to. Reward Then, use the Unrelenting Force Shout to shoot him off the edge. Note: Access to the manor only becomes available with The Pursuit. If she kills me, there'll be no one left that could possibly catch her. Do I make myself clear?" Past the bear traps, there should be some frostbite spiders and Falmer across the hall. Locate Mercer Frey 4. In the 2015 game Fallout 4 , he voices Codsworth and the android detective Nick Valentine. Stephen Russell is the voice of Mercer Frey in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Looks like Karliah reset all of the traps." Location Skyrim Forums. Karliah's close. Forums > Skyrim Discussion > General Skyrim Discussion > Welcome to Skyrim Forums! If Karliah remains swimming, she can be gently "forced" out into the passage by swimming close to her. Blindsighted is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which serves as the penultimate quest given during the Thieves Guild questline in which the Dragonborn must find Mercer Frey in Irkngthand and recover the Skeleton Key. In the room where the giant statue crumbles, there will be a severe framerate lag after entering the second door on the far side of the room. He can typically be found behind his desk in the Ragged Flagon Cistern. This is the one I was talking about... our new recruit." TG08B. That was his job. Next Quest Mercer Frey is a villain from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It was the first lesson Gallus taught us." And Mercer didn't live in Riften. Very clever." Also asking where you should begin, he will tell you: "Gulum-Ei is our inside man at the East Empire Company in Solitude. This mod replaces the armor of six bosses: Silvia, Ancano, Mercer Frey, Ebony Warrior, Lord Harkon and the Caller. (One way is to use a sneaking bow attack and kill them one by one.) Sometimes, the quest will not start once "Trinity Restored" has been finished. It's time for you and Gallus to become reunited!" Mercer: "Karliah, when will you learn you can't get the drop on me?". At the end of the mission, Karliah's dialogue is wrong. Occasionally, the game performance suffers in the room where Mercer is first seen through the bars. When you first fast-travel to Riften, Riftweald Manor is the fourth door on the left from the main gates. Brynjolf and Karliah will jump down and the chamber will start filling up with water. Once the water is high enough, a rock above the statue's head will fall off and open up an area above it. If so, let him/her prove it. Quest ID Hejoined the Thieves Guild at some point during the tenure of Guildmaster Gallus Desidenius. Thieves Guild main quest If in werewolf form, moving forward while doing a power attack will knock him off of his feet, leaving him defenseless. Asking if you're going along with him, he will answer: "Yes, I'm going with you and together we're going to kill her. Be ready.". Move through the large area, killing the small groups of enemies. Reloading a save will usually fix this. However, the owner has suddenly decided to take matters into his own hands and shut us out. This may be fixed by entering. If you ask him why she has returned, he will state: "Karliah and I were like partners. Another trap further along is a tripwire which activates a fire trap, where Mercer will warn you again by saying: "There's two more of them ahead." Carrying on with the quest without them will make them reappear in the end room. After the cave, the party will be in a larger cave, with two leveled Falmer in front. In the meantime, perhaps you and Brynjolf should get better acquainted." There is also a Dwarven Sphere patrolling at the bottom of the stairs. Mercer frey won't open the puzzle door - posted in General Skyrim Discussion: Speaking with silence Mercer frey wont open the puzzle door.i havent e saved game.Please help me:( Mercer may not unlock the Nordic puzzle door with the dragon claw lock. He was a guard. Mercer frey is supposed to open the door but he just stands there. After we discovered what she'd done, we spent months trying to track her down, but she just vanished." Prepare yourself and meet me at the ruins as soon as you can. Now let's get moving." It is recommended to save the game before entering the final room with Mercer (Irkngthand Sanctuary), due to the significant amount of quest-breaking issues at the end of this quest. His real name is Gulum-Ei. Even our little Vex couldn't get in." The 2011 game Skyrim features Russell voicing a range of characters, including Barbas the talking dog, Daedric Prince Clavicus Vile, Belethor, and Thieves Guild leader Mercer Frey. Skyrim Mercer Frey. When Mercer casts Invisibility, he will still be under Windshear's permanent stagger, and will not move away. Mercer also owns Riftweald Manor in Riften. Karliah will then disappear using an invisibility potion. Once they have been dispatched, collect the loot in the chest next to the Falmer tent at the bottom of the stairs and go through the door leading to the Irkngthand Slave Pens. Use the following directions to get to the gate behind Riftweald Manor: Continue past Riftweald Manor until you reach the opening in the wall to the left that leads to the Temple of Mara. On the left, there will be a button that activates the Centurion. There is a second lever on the right side, across the large set of facing stairs that must be activated quickly after the first, or it will reset and the door will not open. He will then begin the conversation by saying: "Ah, there you are. This is grave news indeed, she's someone I hoped to never cross paths with again." He just paid for the upkeep on that house. On the small table is a bottle of Black-Briar Reserve (presumably a calling card from Mercer Frey), and three lockpicks. Since Brynjolf assures me you'll be nothing but a benefit to us, then you're in. You are now directed to meet Mercer outside of Snow Veil Sanctum and the quest Speaking With Silence will begin. You now have two options with which to reply back: If you choose the second option, the conversation will end and you will engage in combat with Mercer. Run down the hall, but be careful of the three flame pressure plates near the corner. The inner sanctum has been locked due to the fact that the Nightingales failed to protect the key in the first place, and the only way through is via the Pilgrim's Path. Pull it, and it will open a new area where Karliah and Brynjolf are waiting. Asking how the adversary is going to pay for it, he will explain: "Because, even after all their posturing and planning, they've made a mistake. I'm betting he acted as a go-between for the sale of Goldenglow Estate and that he can finger our buyer. Alternatively the Dragonborn can stand in front of the face of the statue, and get Mercer to chase you. Karliah has provided me with the means to be rid of you, and this ancient tomb becomes your final resting place. The parchment you recovered mentions a "Gajul-Lei." Mercer: "Gallus had his wealth and he had you. Mercer likes to hit-and-run; he will turn invisible, sprint up to one of two high points in the room; by the statue's head, or a high spot on the other side of the cavern, behind a pillar. Activate the lever and a spinning blade will take out the two Falmer down below; remember to turn it off before continuing. Mercer climmbs around on the Thalmer statue and when he hops off he continues to jump up and down. Karliah: "Give me a reason to try." A name that not only made your blood boil, but also made you want to swoon. Quite simple, really. KAY! Harkon has no… Slimy bastard." According to my sources, that's an old alias used by one of our contacts. However, he is never seen at this location, instead tasking Vald with guarding it. Without the matching claw, they're normally impossible to open. SHOW COMMENTS (0) Why Is This One Of Your Favorites? Opposite of the master locked gate is a lever. But it’s the closest thing Skyrim’s got to home, and equally important, it’s much less snowy than Windhelm. Asking if he saw Karliah, he will correct you: "No, I found her horse. An der Eingangstür ist das Schattenzeichen "Geschützt" angebracht. Nothing's getting by me." Karliah: "Did you forget the Oath we took as Nightingales? He will then stab you and walk away, leaving you to die within the sanctum. When you return to the Guild with information on the buyer, Mercer will ask you: "Did Gulum-Ei give up any information on our buyer?"

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