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This is the sleeper line on any given switch rod in that if one is gonna play the indicator game, this is undoubtedly the right line. FLY LINE. ... They’re awesome flies and are a blast to use to catch salmon. Fish are taken on, both double-hand (Spey) and single-hand rods when fishing skaters. Bimini twist loop to welded fly line loop for lessened friction through the guides. SPEY ZONE- Switch Rod Spey Rod Line & Leader Configurations Welcome to the spey zone where you can find information on switch rod & spey casting setup product information, spey fishing articles and more. This is called the butt section. Fly Line Setup. Perhaps the most "lock-jawed" of all the salmon, these plankton feeders often respond well to small, sparsely dressed flies such as Sockeye Lanterns, Sockeye Brassies and Red Hots. Longer rods enabled a fisherman to cover more water. Single Hander. There are two fly fishing-only areas on the Salmon River. Silver Salmon can reach weights up to 20 lbs, but a 10wt is overkill. First, you have the ability to pick the location on the river you want to fish without having to be there crazy early.The cold temperatures certainly help keep the majority of fisherman off … There is no specific type of fly line that works better than others when fishing for salmon. You’ll want to use quite a bit of weight to help keep your bait or lure in place and slide a couple of beads on the line to help protect your knot from the bouncing weight. The floating portion is simply going for a ride with the sink tip in front, just like a shooting or running line setup. Salmon, like other fish, have five sensing mechanisms they use to find their prey. Flyfishing for Salmon Introduction - Conservation - Tackle - Salmon Flies - Fishing Techniques - Casting. I’m wondering if I might get a better drift with my flies using either a sink tip or a full sinking line as opposed to the traditional shot above the barrel swivel/ floating line setup. Some salmon rivers and streams are slower moving and shallow. Just like with the spey rig, 50 yards of hi vis backing attached to 150 yards 65# braid, Bimini Twist loop to Bimini Twist Loop. Nymphing for Steelhead on the Salmon River offers some unique opportunities. Both are “catch and release only” areas. Reel: In the case of salmon fishing the reel isn’t just a fly line holder. As the foundation for your fly fishing setup, the rod you are using determines what the angler will need for a reel and fly line. The idea is to have the line drift through their open mouth (like dental floss) and with the light tackle and a very high end G-Loomis rod and a bait casting reel you can feel the line catch in their mouth and you quickly pull the line tight and hook the fish in the corner of the mouth. Sign-up below and get the video how to setup a fly rod for dry fly fishing. When fly fishing for salmon, setup is a critical component to casting success. The section of the leader that attaches to the fly line is generally on the heavy side of the pound test rating. Therefore I use leaders from 12 to 17 feet. At this point, you’ll likely want to use floating line. These lines are designed specifically to turn over heavy rigs easily and offer the ability to mend and control your drift at a distance. Fly fishing anglers can target almost any type of salt or freshwater fish, including king salmon. You have to invest in a quality reel with a strong drag system. Fly Line: The fly line we recommend for salmon fishing the Salmon River should be either an 8 or 10 weight, floating fly line. Find them in a size 10-12, tie on an indicator, a … Tackle is restricted to a “traditional fly rod, fly reel, fly line and artificial fly.” Compared with trout fishing, flyfishing for salmon is easy. Salmon face upstream with their mouth partially open. Because a Silver Salmon is smaller than a King Salmon, a solid 9’-10’ 8 … Attach a short dropper line to one of the open holes on the swivel. If using this fly, use floating line. The line was approximately the same length as the rod. The line is always going to depend on the type of water. If you prefer to use a Spey rod, then the line should probably be a 9 weight line … Fly fishing for sockeye salmon The fish responds to bait typical for Pacific salmon, the size of the bait should correspond to a possible trophy. In the sequence below the lines and fly are passed though your reel and rod: Backing – Dacron or Gelspun ... or Atlantic Salmon, and for this reason, it draws fly fishers to choose a skated fly. For Silvers, use a smaller rod. The fly line we recommend for steelhead fishing should be a 7 or 8 weight, floating fly line. This leader, on average, will be about 9 feet in length. These lines will cast steelhead and salmon flies will to long distance. They also do double duty and work well fishing light lures like Power Worms and Trout Magnets, and Rat Tails as well as baits like Power Bait and Salmon Eggs. Monticello, NY Posts: 479: Gettin to be that time of year for the big run! Once tied, secure the heavy end of the leader by either a loop-to-loop connection or nail knot to the fly line; the fly is tied to the end of the leader with your preferred knot.

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