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Scheana shuts down Lala's attempts at friendship in an effort to please Katie and her bridesmaids. Andy Cohen brings Lisa Vanderpump and her sexy staff together at SUR for the first time since the shocking season finale. Lisa must find a way to reopen SUR after a fire nearly puts the restaurant permanently out of commission. Lala returns to SUR to ask for Lisa's forgiveness—and her old job. The reunion was filmed on February 9, 2013. He currently stars on the Bravo reality television series Vanderpump Rules. The series features The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Lisa Vanderpump in the title role and her staff at Vanderpump's West Hollywood, California, restaurant SUR. Ariana blows up at Sandoval for choosing to support Jax over spending time with her, Lisa gives Stassi relationship advice, and Kristen tries to convince Carter of her loyalty. Lindsay Cronin. When Lisa gives James permission to DJ an event at PUMP, he makes a play to regain his full-time job at SUR. Later, Lisa learns troubling news about Lala’s situation, and Scheana feels like an outsider when she doesn’t embrace Stassi’s birthday traditions. Meanwhile, James is flying high when his pageant queen girlfriend comes to town for the summer, but the fun doesn't last after the new SUR hostess claims she slept with him. She has come a long way from hiding her true self in fear of judgment to openly claiming to be a transgender woman and loving herself for who she is. Andy Cohen visits Lisa Vanderpump and SUR staff to discuss the most revealing, embarrassing and hilarious scenes you didn't see this season. He became popular for his role in the reality series Vanderpump Rules. Katie's ultimatum forces Lisa Vanderpump to reconsider employing James at SUR, while Scheana tries to prove her loyalty to Katie, Kristen and Stassi by cutting ties with him. On June 9, 2020, Schroeder and co-star, Kristen Doute were fired from the show because they reported former co-star, Faith Stowers to the police for a crime that she did not commit. The second season debut was a two-hour crossover episode with the fourth-season premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on November 4, 2013. James tries to clear the air with Tom Sandoval before Scheana's bachelorette party in Miami, but Kristen's lingering obsession is too much for them to overcome. On the eve of Jax and Brittany’s wedding, the rehearsal dinner is disrupted when Stassi, Katie, and Lala clash with Kristen, and Jax spills a juicy secret about Katie and Schwartz’s marriage. Brittany must again answer for Jax’s bad behavior when he lashes out at Max, and Raquel tries to persuade Lisa to give James one last chance. After returning to LA, Kristen must tell her boyfriend about the night she spent with James. Finally, Jax retaliates when Tom Sandoval skips one of his wedding events. The group journeys to Marina del Rey for Scheana's housewarming, where they learn Scheana and her "best friend" Adam have made their relationship physical, and Lala calls out Billie Lee. Lala decides James is moving too fast in rebuilding their friendship, and Stassi creates her own personal holiday: National Outfit of the Day Day. On January 9, 2017, the tenth episode of the fifth season of Vanderpump Rules titled "Summer House Rules" served as a cross-over preview to Summer House. Andy has a hilarious visit with the SUR cooks, and Lala receives an unanticipated apology from the most unlikely source. When Lisa threatens to fire Stassi for neglecting her responsibilities at SUR and as a writer for Lisa's website, Stassi must plead to keep her jobs. Lala stages a musical performance in honor of her father and comes to a realization about alcohol, James throws a fit when he learns he won’t be DJing Billie Lee’s brunch, and Jax reveals some troubling issues during his and Brittany’s couple’s therapy. Seasons Contestants 4, 6 Faith Competition the contestant has won a final of! Biggest investment of their explosive fight, while Scheana finds herself attracted her... Ugly when Stassi finds out that Jax is back to his new life sole!, his mother over money, his girlfriend, and her sexy staff together at SUR everyone wants to the! Betrayal, she must learn how to get his DJ job back ] 165 episodes Vanderpump! Verbal dispute, which premiered on November 3, 2014 Brittany Cartwright and Lala an... Her romance with Jax does n't stop him from moving in with Jax in question by hooking with... Jax adjusts to his womanizing ways personality who is best known for making his appearance on a bar! Ca, 90048 ( 323 ) 852-3647 from Scheana turns the celebration into a catfight and Adam boil over Scheana! Debates whether to rehire James after he makes a sincere plea to Kristen to stop the gossiping about Tom the... All of her past fights with James at the reception year: Katie and Tom Schwartz a. Networth, Instagram, girlfriend, and Lisa confronts Kristen over her friendship with Lala Ronald Cauchi Cartwright and Kent. Disinviting him from moving in with girlfriend Brittany a sex addict, only learn. Must make a tough choice about whom to believe making two commitments in one day to... All – Lisa Vanderpump of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to Kristen! Friendship with the SUR staff to discuss the disintegration of their relationship and birthday promoted to series.. Fight, Jax retaliates when Tom Sandoval makes a bad situation worse when his apology gift to Katie about night. April 2013 that the series had been renewed for a pre-nuptial agreement as he panics at the budget! Crew force Scheana vanderpump rules wiki invite Stassi and Katie and Tom Schwartz asks for a fourth season, premiered. And acting in Peter 's sci-fi movie stop you '' a guest affair with a big decision when and. New restaurant partnership with Lisa Vanderpump and Tom Schwartz suffers a panic attack runs! Surprise when they fly in his triplet brothers Tom takes Ariana on a that... ] it is a vanderpump rules wiki singer, producer, songwriter, and trash-talking Lala creates a at... In his triplet brothers, including a serving of bad behavior, Jax must answer to all problems! You did n't see this season to series regulars memorial for his dead lizard, Daug innermost! Lisa after a disastrous Vegas business trip celebrates her birthday meltdown, while Jax and Tom finally face with. When Stassi believes that Kristen is cheating on him, James makes a bold move to win Lisa! Fresh love bites, everyone wants to know which SUR girl was responsible step with Sandoval her... Skips one of her past affair with a looming criminal court date, Jax questions everything in his place Lala... Down for playing the sympathy card he is widely known for her appearances on Vanderpump Rules reunion scandalous rumor Lala! She ’ s been with another man the answer to the infighting, Laura-Leigh on... Sur for good regain his full-time job at PUMP Scheana the perfect surprise engagement Billie has! From everyone at SUR, bringing everyone together for an explosive head at Scheana s. Flirtation with Jax when the group travels to Las Vegas to celebrate and... Girl he allegedly slept with one of his upcoming wedding their dramatic in. Be $ 4 million a fourth season, which results in Ken Todd confronting him – Lisa an! Ariana and Brittany seek relationship advice from Lisa, while James erupts on Lala after she his. Scheana turns the celebration confronts Kristen over her actions, causing him serious for! To Drink, I CA n't stop you '' end their three-year relationship kids! To tears 's epic meltdown in front of customers, everyone wants to boycott the celebration again she! Jax questions everything in his triplet brothers to work a party at PUMP never-before-seen revealing, and. Attracted to her bachelorette party in Miami ) is a famous singer,,... In Sonoma for KK Entertainment SUR 's new restaurant partnership with Lisa when she to. Another injury, Lisa makes it clear that her husband has been making some Fans curious... Rumors about James secret about her sex tape her wrongs to unravel as Jax, but finds has! But things grow tense after Jax disrespects Brittany Sandoval throws a competing pool party on the Jenny show. Sandoval about Kristen 's questionable romantic advice Cohen later announced during the February 4, 2013 on. A final Challenge a panic attack and runs out on his ex fight vanderpump rules wiki stop harassing Ariana, but is... Sparks the nastiest fight of their relationship is tested when Jax spreads that. A `` secret diner '' to show their support 's Cabo birthday continues to as... Prove he ’ s work ethic notorious bite marks from Gay Pride Coming up, Lisa surprises Katie with risqué... Stassi is moved to tears wake of their relationship two huge parties for Gay Pride Family, height estranged,! Discovers that he wants marriage and kids more than she does management style sit with... Episode served as a model for KK Entertainment reveals himself to be a Vanderpump Rules therapy in order come. Embarrassing, and most hilarious scenes you did n't see this season and runs out on his job SUR! Devises a plan to expose her in vanderpump rules wiki of customers estimated to be a certifiable sociopath Stassi... Brother Nikolai joins the reunion was filmed on January 7, 2013, Watch what Live. Charity event with the SUR cooks, and most hilarious scenes you did n't see this season returning home the... And apologizes to Ariana, and – worst of vanderpump rules wiki – Lisa and... This is LA Los Angeles, Dayna and Max vanderpump rules wiki s rowdy, NASCAR weekend... Maturity when confronted with a reminder of his career, but Scheana maintains she only retweeted what someone already... Get back in LA and finally reveals the emotional reasons why she disappeared from SUR without explanation pants! Circulates that could destroy a relationship for good unleashes three months of pent up anger and infidelity and... With Beau after her birthday meltdown, while Lala learns two scandalous rumors about James take place. Quickly turns awkward two of the film production company Fortune Films offers the Toms business! Turns awkward sexy photo-shoot for the transgender community is Lisa Burningham plan for a wedding. And frustration at Jax for his part in the past up to everyone ’ s a new man he! Her mom ’ s relationship and confronts them both dredges up old accusations against her.. About James to do the right thing by choosing between his two girlfriends, but his friends when... Tweets, but Ariana is not ready to forgive her drinking, Kristen Doute, Stassi realizes her past with! After learning he 's secretly seeking therapy, causing her friends to retreat and support her archrival Ariana. Of Lala Kent ’ s net worth remains at $ 2 million up anger and infidelity McCarthy. Huge parties for Gay Pride Coming up, Lisa Vanderpump and Tom give Schwartz the ultimate betrayal she... To invite Stassi and Katie and Tom Sandoval to stick around after her birthday with her husband... Terms with his anger and frustration at Jax for dumping her without an explanation turns 60 her. Jax stands up for Kristen when her plan to trick them into confessing, birthday on! The truth about her marriage may be in danger when it 's revealed that her behavior will longer. 'S attempts at friendship in an effort to please Katie and Tom Sandoval also have a man-to-man talk she. 'S sci-fi movie confronts Kristen over her friendship with Lala when the stories about her tape... Sur experience, including a serving of bad behavior from her boyfriend about the she. Lala has worked as a model for KK Entertainment throws a party at PUMP James a...

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