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All of our ground screws are very quick and easy to install as well as being immediately loadable and fully re-usable so can be removed and used again and again!. b. Cladding - Essential Collections; Composite Decking. Use two decking screws where each board meets a joist. If your first piece of decking is up against a wall, secure it to the joists by screwing through the top of your decking, close to the wall. If you're good at math, calculating this equation will be a breeze. Fasteners: nails, screws, or hidden clips to attach decking boards. decks + outdoor living . Use a larger gauge if the screw … Our sustainable ground screws come in a variety of sizes to suit your commercial application. signs + pylons. Decking Installation & Maintenance Guide ... exterior grade screws. These systems are all designed to give the deck a clean look and are just as strong as traditional screws. One Stop Deck Shop Products advocates that all hardwood decks are fixed with screws. Whatever the construction method or size, we have a solution with our adaptable Groundscrews. For timber decking that will be above ground, it is strongly recommended to have an outside above ground natural durability of 1 or 2. Tongue and Groove for Porches This type of decking is for use ONLY with covered porches or patios. 05 How long does the ground screw need to be? All our projects involve installing the groundscrews and performing our inground pile testing, an approved verification method of proving load bearing capacity. Previous Step Next Step. There must be adequate air circulation underneath the deck in order to prevent cupping and warping of boards. You need to do this so that there is a screw at every joist. CASE STUDY Art Studio, Aberdeenshire. Stop Digging offers a range of screws in different models and sizes to cater to whatever building project you have in mind, and on whatever terrain. Correlated with loads of 150 kg/m² as imposed by DTU 51.4 (“Exterior wooden decking”) for type 1 decking, the NIVO® Ground Screw is perfectly adapted to residential use in deck structures Decking boards are attached with 65mm x 8g stainless steel decking screws. T-shirt with skirt Pink 1 $ 150.00; Alarm Clock 1 $ 129.00; Chair AAC 1 $ 139.00; Subtotal: $ 418.00. Cut off any excess post with a hand saw. Our Product Range . Step 4. The screw should sink into the framing material by 1 inch or more. event structures . 75mm long screws are suitable for most softwood decking and having diameter of 6mm. *Krinner Ground Screws – Carry a 25 to 30 year warranty depending on soil type! For example, when installing decking it is advisable to mount the supporting ground screws at 2 metre intervals when the rim joist is at least 45 × 170 mm in size. b. Supply and install of ground screws for three bespoke pods, with extended decking created for Team Jak Foundation as practical, social and emotional support units for young people with cancer related illnesses and their families. Solid blocking will help reduce up or down movement and/or twisting of joists. An existing patio or concrete base can be used as a solid foundation for your deck. Cover the ground with landscaping fabric and add gravel. Screws should penetrate at least 40mm into the joists to achieve good holding. Screws MUST NOT be inserted less than 25 mm from the edge of the board (even with pre-drilling). Concrete the posts into the ground for solid support or use stirrups bolted onto the concrete. And, that is why you’ll commonly find decking screws at 2-1/2″ to 3″. For 90×19 decking screws are also recommended. There's no need to create recesses or countersunk holes for the deck screws, as they're designed to create their own recess when screwed down for a flush finish. A ground level vapour barrier (with slit drainage). Using the Camo fastener and drill, secure the screws through the side of the decking into the joist. A suitable surface coating on all four sides of the decking boards (refer coating section). Torx-driven screws strip less from the board than other types. Save time and reduce cost with fast and effective foundations. Recommendation: Decking: 3-inch Stainless Steel Screws ; Structural: Hot Dipped Galvanized Screws ; Budget: Some manufacturers will guarantee their screws for the life of the project, like these Power Pro 48611 Screws that use a rust resistant bronze coating. Commonly available timber suitable for this purpose include - turpentine, spotted gum, ironbark, forest red gum, white mahogany, tallowwood, blackbutt, cypress, merbau (kwila), balau and preservative treated pine. This depends on the soil type, load bearing required and the nature of the project. Cladding . Span Kwila Decking 19mm thick should be installed at maximum 450mm joist centres. Screws don't pop out like nails when used for decking and they are easy to remove when repairs are needed, making them ideal to use with wood decking materials. These timbers are termite resistant. Stainless Decking Screws . Seal the bases, add a 100mm layer of gravel then check the posts are plumb. Our Self Install Ground Screw Foundation System is ideal for landscaping and decking including new composite as well as conventional wood. NB: expansion gaps MUST BE observed (refer to the paragraph “Spacing between decking boards” in the installation instructions for decking boards: PU7). Products search. Decking boards should be Above Ground Durability Class 1 (sapwood treated to H3), or H3 preservative treated softwood. Read this Case Study. Holiday lodges, log cabins and glamping pods; Ground-mounted Solar PV; Construction hoarding and temporary fencing; Art installations and statues ; Ground Screw Foundations for Residential Applications. Stop Digging's ground screw works the same way as a concrete post or pier block, whilst outperforming it across the board. civil + mining. cyclonic regions! Ground Screws Australia provides the ideal foundation solution " Designed for Australian conditions. ORDER FREE SAMPLE. They feature small heads for minimum visual impact and do not require pre-drilling or countersinking when fixing into softwoods. If you find multiplication and finding measurements confusing, though, there are deck calculators that will do all of the work for you. When building a deck consider these basic DIY pointers. With our helical screws you can quickly and easily set out a stable foundation and begin construction immediately. Sign In; 0. Especially for the construction of decking and other constructions where wooden beams have to be assemble, we have developed a very … Mobile: 07796 176 580. A suitable surface coating on all four sides of the decking boards (refer coating section). Except where butting, screws must be positioned to enter Rail No.1 on the bearer. For a decking terrace of 4 x 8 meters, for example, that would mean installing 15 ground screws. Screw and electric drill on a wooden board background. Ground screw, earth screw, screw anchor, earth anchor or pier anchor - this simple and effective foundation has many names. To Prepare the ground, you will build your decking; you must clear it and remove debris. Span . Non purpose made screws with a fully screw faced shank should be avoided. Many specialized decking screws have cutting nubs under the head for self-countersinking in wood. Decking screws will have a clear shank at the top - which should be the depth of the deck board of choice. Camo brand hidden decking screws use a handheld jig that fits the width of a deck board, with angled holes on either end that allow you to drill down through the sides of the board into the joist. DIY’ers and Contractors are realising by implementing Ground Screws they no longer need to spend hours digging un-necessarily to lay a shed or building base, create a decking space, construct a garden pergola or even erect a fence. 01925 407884. Otter Chemshield Treated Pine Decking screws are the perfect choice for most environments. They have been load tested & certified by structural engineer’s incl. These test conditions thus enable us to define a nominal load of 450 kg for a Ground Screw anchored at 75 cm in slightly to moderately compact backfill. To build a decking base on sloped uneven ground: Clear the area of all grass, weeds and debris using a good quality spade; Dig 1ft deep post holes ; Set the posts using post mix so that the top is at or slightly above the desired height ; Fix joists to posts at correct level using and electric screw driver and 100mm wood screws. Mark the screw locations in pencil, ensuring that they're at least 15mm from the end of the board and at least 20mm from the outside edges. Use two screws per joist. Then remove the string line. Start by measuring and marking out your decking area. For 32mm thick decking this can be increased up to 600mm joist centres. Ground screws yorkshire offers hassle free, professional installation of your product for your end customer - nationwide. DIY decking guide. Viewcart Checkout. The Chemshield coating is designed to withstand the corrosive properties of chemical timber treatments and will outlast galvanizing. For 32mm thick decking this can be increased up to 600mm joist centres. Email: Similarly, these above ground timber decking materials may have a preservative treating of H3. Product categories. On these screws the head is so thin and small you hardly notice it. Decking (deck flooring): the surface - the layer of decks on the joists. This ensures that the deckboard its tightened down onto the joist with the actual screw thread doing the work in the joist. Specialized decking screws are available for hardwood, composite decking, and capped composites in matching colors. AC2® 5/4 x 6 x 4' Above Ground Green Pressure Treated Thick Decking (Actual Size 1-5/32" x 5-1/2" x 4') Model Number: 1110601 Menards ® SKU: 1110601 Address: The Pavilion, Speedway Lane, Brandon Coventry, Warwickshire, CV8 3GL. 16”BASIC INSTALLATION SUBSTRUCTURE 16” on center maximum joists. For 140×19 decking SCREWS ARE ESSENTIAL. Our groundscrews are the best solution for house and cabin foundations, supporting decking, boardwalks, sheds, greenhouses, conservatories, carports or other structures such as flagpoles, signs or fences. Request a quote. A ground level vapour barrier (with slit drainage). Home; Shop. sheds + demountables. When using 1x6 or 5/4x6, the deck must be constructed a minimum of 36” off the ground. Limiting joist movement can help reduce excessive gapping and also ensure a more uniform finished surface of the AZEK Deck. Here we will focus only on the decking materials, but if you want to know the total cost to build a deck, you'll need to take into account … We recommend 60mm (for 19mm) stainless steel screws through the pre-drilled face of each board, two per joist. Our screws are designed and certified by Australian structural engineers to meet the Australian Building Code and comply with the relevant Australian Standards. Grounds Screws are fast becoming more recognised for their ecological, practical and financial benefits. Pine Decking 19mm thick should be installed at maximum 450mm joist centres. If laying the deck over lawn, mark out the area then dig out to a depth of 50mm. Industry applications: road + traffic. Phone: 02476 100 200. To find out more details of our Ground Screw installation service, pricing or applications please get in touch with the contact form to the right or just give us a call. Ground Screws Australia provide a wide range of products to suit your unique requirements. For standard deck fasteners, the rule of thumb is that you need 350 screws for every 100 square feet of decking. 40 cm. Comply with Australian Standards & the Building Code of Australia! Ground-side Ventilation: Build your deck so that the surface is at least 16” above the ground when using 1x4 or 5/4x4 decking material.

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