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Whether you need a simple trout rod, something to learn new ways on, or a trusty backup, we can recommend an Echo Base. The speed just isn’t there when you use heavier flies, which makes casting less consistent. by Johnny Carrol Sain - Monday, Jul 29th, 2019. I became a grandparent — twice. Echo’s affordable Base rod sees a lot of hype, but what’s behind that hype? However, it’s not in the same league as other Echo fly rods. Echo Trip Fly Rods - 8 Piece. In fact, some of the components are the same that you’d find on more expensive Echo rods. Echo Base Rod Review I recently bought an Echo Base. In other words, a classic trout rod, as the name implies. However, longer distances may give you some trouble, especially with heavier flies. Therefore, something bendier like an Echo Base is better for long days on the water. This include a sock and hard tube. You have entered an incorrect email address! Rods that prioritize distance tend to feel like broomsticks. Heavier Clousers, bunny strips, and big poppers slow the action down considerably. […]. Echo fly rods have always impressed us, and you get a great bang for your buck that still has a lifetime warranty! But one thing that did not happen was me finding a better fly rod for the price for my local smallmouth bass or pretty much anything else I want to tackle. It gives you easy, accurate casting. The ECHO BASE I own is a workhorse of a rod that I’ve put through the paces for various species of warm water fish for nearly four years. The Base is Echo’s lowest-priced fly rod at under $100. It has a few qualities worth pointing out, so we’ll tackle (no pun intended) one at a time. Even at distances of around 50 feet, you can easily cast nice loops. The Echo Base 790 is a smooth casting, powerful, medium-fast action fly rod that is perfect for targeting largemouth bass, streamer fishing big browns, and swinging flies to steelhead. Maximum casting distance is 65-70 feet for me, and in pursuit of bass, bowfin, gar and drum, pinpoint accuracy at those distances is rarely needed. However, it’s not quite as affordable. From the soft tip to the cork handle, they’ve actually considered the feel of the rod, which makes it stand out from generic options. rod for larger water that I will occasionally fish. No, I am not referring to the Rebel's stronghold on Hoth (also called Echo Base) which was featured in The Empire Strikes Back. Tim designed the Base Kit for a wide range of anglers, from the four-salt old-timer to those who don’t know a reel seat from a love seat. At close and medium distances, there’s nothing worth pointing out. What merits the bigger price tag is its higher performance. Oh … Designed with a sweet, versatile medium fast action and as a 4 piece fly rod for easy travel and packing. The rod generates loads of power from its fast-action blank and allows anglers to attack any saltwater scenario with confidence and ease. Sage Foundation Series Fly Rods $ 325.00; Out of stock . Related products. With the Echo Base, they offer an affordable alternative that anyone can use. In short, the Echo base is an all-rounder. Echo Base Fly Rods. Echo Base Fly Rod Outfits. It also comes with a lifetime warranty and excellent customer service. The Echo Base Fly Rod is low on whistles and bells but high on a serviceable and inexpensive fly rod. ​​​​​​​​​It’s worth pointing out that our Echo Base fly rod review draws review data from a wide pool of sources. They give you a slow-action feel, but not in the floppy fiberglass noodle sense. The main difference is that it’s a fast-action rod. Their click-and-pawl reels are among the most sought-after collectibles in the sport, and it’s... I’m going to make a statement that may surprise you, but that I’m convinced is absolutely true. I don’t worry about dainty presentations because none of the fish species I pursue really care about them. The $89 BASE punches above its class in nearly every category. So, an in-depth Echo Base fly rod review is what you need. The BASE costs $89-$99 depending on what size you want. Rajeff Sports will warranty all ECHO fly reels for a period of 12 months from date of purchase. If you’re new to fly fishing, this is a solid choice that provides everything you need to start, other than flies and tippet. ECHO Fly Reel Warranty and Service Policy. We looked into the ratings people give the rod and the reasons for their given scores. SKU: N/A Categories: Echo Fly Rods, Fly Rods Tags: Base, Echo, Fly Rods, Series. Echo Base Fly Rods are an amazing value and very nice casting rods. Tackling 15 pound grass carp in mild current is a lot to ask of any 6-weight rod. Fish Effectively Without Breaking the Bank.The ECHO Base is the ideal rod for a variety of anglers: from beginners getting their first set up on up through seasoned vets who just want an inexpensive rod that performs far beyond its price point. After all, it is an entry-level rod. If you are not familiar with their rods… The Echo Base fly rod casts like a fly rod that costs a lot more money. Overall, it’s sturdy and balanced. You might not be Rogue Two, but the sentiment will be the same the first time you cast the ECHO Base. At this price range, you may be expecting something heavy and unwieldy or something that feels like a soggy noodle. So, it’s pretty similar to the Echo Base. The large arbor fly reel is already loaded with fly line, backing and leader. Select options. Have the fundamentals of fly casting changed over time? We’ve scoured the web for stats and opinions to provide a nuanced picture of the Echo Base. Smooth is a good word for it. Fly shops are part of the heart and soul of fly fishing, and we are committed to supporting them for the priceless resource they are. Durable, no-nonsense construction ensures years of fishing pleasure without having to touch your inheritance. It may not have an impressive maximum distance compared to many higher-quality rods, but there’s always a tradeoff. While it’s not the lightest option on the market, it’s not bad for the price and performance level. My 9-foot 6-weight weighs in at 3.9 oz. Echo also makes single-handed saltwater fly rods. Echo Base Fly Rods. The Echo Base is a rod that hits way harder then is typical for its price range. For beginners, in particular, this is a well-suited candidate to develop your fly fishing skills. However, the Echo Base strikes a balance of weight and strength that’s unusual for rods under $$$. Many anglers wonder how to fillet salmon. That being said, I’ve slipped a few tiny streamers into some minuscule moonshine-clear pools without alerting the resident smallmouths until one was hooked. You don’t need years of practice, and you certainly don’t need wads of money. The Echo Base Fly Rod is a beginner-friendly fishing rod that is ideal for those on a budget. Years of Fly Fishing Enjoyment Few rods out there offer the bang-for-buck value of the ECHO LIFT. This fly fishing outfit starts with Echos's medium-fast action Base fly rod that casts with power, feel and high-quality components. You can find the rods in weights of three to eight pounds. The high build quality and formidable components are easy to spot. Everything plus the kitchen sink. Four piece travel design And, though it took a while, the BASE eventually wore it down, too. Hurricane Maria killed mangroves months after the storm, Loud and Clear: 77% Think Pebble Mine is a Bad Idea, Making steelhead 'the fish of a hundred casts'. The Base Kit comes complete with a Base rod, durable composite Base reel and high-performance fly line. The Echo Base has been around for a year or so now, and has been one of our best-selling rods. However, it’s not too far from its siblings in the next price class. It has a pretty soft flex, but it should be able to wrangle big fish without any problems. It pulls off what it’s trying to do. Fenwick AETOS Fly Rod Review: Helping You Reel in the Biggest Catch, Crawdad Fishing: Your Trusty Creek Master Guide. But one thing that did not happen was me finding a better fly rod for the price for my local smallmouth bass or pretty much anything else I want to tackle. The manufacturer calls it a medium-fast action rod, which implies that it’s relatively stiff. Fishing lodges, guides, and travel operators face uncertain future after pandemic-spiked 2020, How to drink your way through the fishing day: Upper Great Lakes, Scientists draft letter calling on governors to tear down the lower Snake River dams, Rearranging deck chairs on the Olympic Peninsula, Review: Thomas & Thomas Contact II fly rod. One fine summer day, I did unfurl a dandy toss that perfectly intercepted a couple of cruising grass carp more than 60 feet away. Regardless of your skill level or your bank account, with ECHO’s BASE anyone can be a fly angler. This series is an uber-fast rod with a fast tip that encourages easy loading at short distances and incredible power at long distances. Personally, I’ve found the action difficult to define because I throw so many different types and sizes of flies, but whatever it is, I like it. Part of the information comes from a comparison of professional reviews. Some might consider that a little heavy. While it gives you the strength in the middle that lets you send your flies pretty far, it has a reasonably soft flex. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Regardless of your skill level or your bank account, with ECHO’s BASE anyone can be a fly angler. Durable, no-nonsense construction ensures years of fishing pleasure without having to touch your inheritance. Another crucial piece of information for an Echo Base fly rod review is that it’s only a rod without any extras. The dumbbell weight cracked the tip. Today, all stocks of... Hardy’s brand name has long been synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. Whether you’re looking for small trout in shallow creeks or big pike and carp in warm water, you can use an Echo Base. Now, if you buy the kit, you get a pre-spooled reel with the ideal balance for the rod. Regardless, it’s a strong all-rounder, and that’s what matters most for a good impression in an Echo Base fly rod review. Item location: Sabattus, Maine, United States. You can learn a lot about a rod in that amount of time. Echo Traverse Fly Rod Outfits. $99.99 Ended: Nov 11, 2020. It’s a popular brand among fishers across the world, but they mostly cater to serious ones who are ready to invest in a high-end fly rod. So, you can still cast heavy flies. One of the most well-known Echo saltwater fly rod series is the EPR. Also, there’s the issue of balancing performance with user-friendly handling. Ease of use has taken priority over maximum performance and accuracy, which is understandable. While it’s possible to cast beyond 70 feet with decent accuracy, results can be a bit unpredictable. I’ve abused this rod—beat the crap out of it, actually—from falls on slick rocks, to clambering up bluffs with it in hand, to traipsing down brushy deer trails hoping not to snap it, to asking way too much of it on big fish. That doesn’t mean it isn’t good, though, and the Base provides unparalleled performance for its price point. So, this could be your top choice if you weren’t too impressed by the Echo Base fly rod review but want an affordable fly fishing outfit. And I sure as hell wouldn’t want to bang up and down the creeks I roam with a rod that costs nearly as much as my set of off-road tires. You’ll notice this when you use large poppers, bunny strips, or heavy clousers. Echo Fly Fishing specializes in high-quality fly fishing rods and other equipment. Redington Crosswater Fly Rod Outfit // Complete Setup. Modern rods with medium-fast action tend to have a stiff feel that makes it harder for beginners to understand how to load the rod. However, it can be quite impressive at short and medium ranges, and it throws loops with elegant ease. Or maybe you simply want to look around before you make your mind. Let’s find out. Sage Trout LL Series Fly Rods $ 800.00; 1682 S. Vista Ave Boise ID 83705. ECHO’s BASE is the penultimate everyman’s fly rod. An excellent fly rod for beginners - the Echo Base fly rod. Rods specialize in several ways, so the suitability of any given rod depends on what fish you’re going for and where you look for it. Price: $279.99 More Details. It’s not a spool thrower, not in my hands anyway. Seeing an Echo rod at this price range may surprise many fly fishing enthusiasts, but it does seem like a promising rod. If you’ve got kids of a certain age, you’ve likely viewed the Pixar flick Ratatouille, in which the lead protagonist, Remy—a rat—is inspired by Chef Gusteau’s proclamation that “anyone can cook.” It is possible that no other company more tightly follows the vision of its leader than ECHO fly rods follows Tim Rajeff, who proclaims that anyone can fly fish. Altogether, this provides a balanced insight into the rod’s quality and performance. They’re all entry-level rods that cost less than $200, but they vary in distinct ways. Echo Base Fly Rod: Condition: New. It reaches further and retains more accuracy at long distances. Echo believes in the durability and performance of their rods and provides a lifetime warranty when you buy an Echo Base. It looks like a thorough Echo Base fly rod review is in order. Starting bid: US $59.00 [ 0 bids] Shipping: $20.00 Expedited Shipping | See details . A lot has happened over the last four years: I finally finished my college degree (after a 20 year hiatus). With the Echo Base, they offer an affordable alternative that anyone can use. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE ECHO BASE (via ECHO). What’s more, we’ve listened to actual anglers who bought the rod. Unless you need a far-reaching fast-action fly rod, it’s a worthy candidate for your fishing quiver. Also, it has a soft-to-stiff action profile, which makes it easy to cast but makes it prone to shocking when you cast at long distances. So, it’s a very versatile rod. These are the kinds of compromises it takes to bring the cost down. While it may be slightly on the heavier side, it should be easy to use regardless of your constitution. However, it’s more medium than fast, which makes it beginner-friendly. Regarding the range, the versatility factor holds true. I have an uneasy relationship with boats. Also, the vibrations caused by jerky casting motions throw off the accuracy somewhat. My hopes for the country’s future took the steepest of nosedives. The EPR helps tighten fly line loops and increase line speed to cut through any saltwater conditions. Fishing rod action refers to how the rod flexes and handles. It performed it's best in tight quarters, but could also lay out a surprising amount of line for a sub-8 ft rod. $99.99 - $114.99) (No reviews yet) Write a Review Write a Review × Echo Echo Base Fly Rod. So, a useful Echo Base fly rod review must first determine its characteristics. Now, let’s get back to the rod itself.

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