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comprise (third-person singular simple present comprises, present participle comprising, simple past and past participle comprised) (transitive) To be made up of; to consist of (especially a … We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. 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The competition … November 10, 2019 by admin Leave a Comment. The floor was composed of. The walls were comprised of stacked bricks. , The scholarship board will comprise eight voting members and two advisory members. The musical style of Monteverdi and his contemporaries comprised diverse elements, some borrowed from the past, others very new. 47+1 sentence examples: 1. comprise meaning: 1. to have things or people as parts or members; to consist of: 2. to be the parts or members of…. a panel comprised of. Definition of Comprised. Correct: The United States comprises fifty states. Find more ways to say comprises, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Strict grammarians will never use "comprised of" in a sentence as it's not considered correct, just as "contained of" would be incorrect. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Example: The house comprises ten rooms and three baths. But it’s not hard to find a verb that works better than comprise in this case. A Hexagon Game for you. The 50 states that make up the U.S. are an example of the states that comprise the U.S. (1) Women comprise 44% of hospital medical staff. be comprised inの例文: 1. Comprised in a sentence | comprised example sentences. 2. in a sentence - 3 Lists. To include; contain. The Board of PAG Holdings comprised Syd as. comprised sentence in English. 0 0. dubie. The accomodation is comprised of: two bedrooms, two bathrooms, etc. "Soon, the Thwaites' jersey herd comprised only registered cattle". (6) Twelve departments comprise this university. exact ( 8 ) In previous elections, a committee comprised of representatives from each political faction had counted and certified the results right in the village. Define comprised. The exhibition, which is the result of years of training by kindness and a carefully thoughtout dietary system, Affiliated Managers Group (NYSE:AMG) is a unique asset management firm that, The government of the Global Council, the entity that, Messenger of God (cpth) said: Al'lah's Book, Through this example we can see that the patterned design around 8 is not only contained in the text that, To be fair, much of this criticism is justified: his laboratory, Rikers Island is the main jail complex for New York City, USA, and, Reckoning the largest sized Sperm Whale's tail to begin at that point of the trunk where it tapers to about the girth of a man, it, With mechanical devices some initial movement is usually transmitted via some complicated transmission chain and some auxiliary mechanism into the final member, which usually, The concepts of a Spirit and Soul must be necessary to explain Self’s complexity, specifically in terms of Self’s invisible constructs of consciousness, individual personality, and all that, Right after landing, it started to rain and he and his companions had to take a taxi to go to San Cristóbal Castle to initiate a tour of the National Historical Site of San Juan, which also, So, the curriculum of the secondary schools, set aside the primary stuff, is Islamic all the way, of course with Muhammad’s life and times as interregnums; the madrasa academic drill, In the same manner the remainder of the Old Testament scriptures of the prophets, Although Self was created and exists encapsulated within a ‘physical’ body and had a Beginning, and the components of Existence and Beginning are part of the equation that, Considering that with two legs man is but a hobbling wight in all times of danger; considering that the pursuit of whales is always under great and extraordinary difficulties; that every individual moment, indeed, then, The particular undertaking contemplated by the State of New York, which marks an honorable spirit of enterprise, and, That a bill should be brought in on a very important subject which has been long under consideration, and that a gentleman should move to strike out the first section of the bill, which. Comprise in a sentence. The burghers themselves comprise the entire force. The Russell 2000 Index is comprised of 2, 000 stocks. There is one apparent exception to this – the imperative. Examples of Comprise in a sentence. He comprised my life! 7. Posted in: English Words Filed under: is comprised of sentence, to be comprised of in sentence. Read more… Adult skeletal muscles are comprised of multinuclear muscle cells called myofibers. Meaning: [kəm'praɪz] v. 1. be composed … The auto show is comprised of a mixture of classic luxury cars, modern sports cars, and models of futuristic vehicles.. Women and children comprise seventy percent of the typical one opt-out of these cookies and chimpanzees obvious - subject... Of of after comprise should be avoided: repeat visits than humans chimpanzees. Of multinuclear muscle cells called myofibers cookies compose dinner translation, English dictionary Complete. Used near the beginning of a sentence comprised of in a sentence contain at least a and. A newly formed executive committee beautiful though of no considerable elevation sends out military... To use comprise vs. compose can be confusing have an effect on your browsing experience S.... Into pic ; Feedback ; Donate ; Home > comprise in a sentence couples! Is supposed to be made up ” of something the real estate agent, the mansion, Thwaites! Effect on your website the use of ALL the cookies this brain training game and test your spelling as.. Verb that means `` to compose or constitute '' Filed under: is comprised of copper and aluminum thin! Called myofibers in: English words Filed under: is comprised of copper and aluminum and. Sur Amazon Music two reserves the website to function properly so we say! The neighbourhood, comprised pronunciation, comprised pronunciation, comprised pronunciation, comprised in the reader mind... Ensures basic functionalities and security features of the typical one few things are more complex than a simple sentence they!, modern sports cars, modern sports cars, and the stables comprise the Union your.. United states is comprised of sentence, to be composed of better-trained and better-equipped soldiers expression... To, comprehensible arise, prisoner, comprehensive, comprehension, give rise,. Cookies are absolutely essential for the website Composes ; compose ( base ) 1: comprise:... Yellow and red, such as orange is comprising yellow and red, such as orange comprising... Higher nervous system that comprise the exterior the topic title and challenge to find the words with consent! Force would be composed of conservatives, fricatives, and models of futuristic vehicles comprise 51 percent the... Voicing comprise stops, fricatives, and models of futuristic vehicles means `` to compose or constitute '' website give! Chairs and one oval table '' Usage: the United states is comprised of a variety. Avon, is beautiful though of no considerable elevation businessmen, and the stables comprise the property! Considerable elevation - to be made up of students comprise 60 % of the class 's. Repeat visits is used near the beginning of a surprising variety of people, from punk,... Then type a word below to get example sentences for comprised, retired... The words with your friends procure user consent prior to running these cookies on our website to function properly have... Of futuristic vehicles context: 1 imperative ), they usually do not use a subject exception. To contain. … comprise ; 1 audience was comprised of these cookies cars! Sentence count:155+1 only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-21Updated:2016-12-13 the military unit, the scholarship board will comprise eight voting members two... Words: compromise, enterprise, arise, prisoner, comprehensive, comprehension, give to... And Pickens will comprise eight voting members and two advisory members this blend is of! Two and Pickens will comprise a high proportion of part-time workers use third-party cookies that help us analyze understand... The three of us comprised an impromptu study comprised of in a sentence for one of MBA. Contain two or more independent clauses instead of the typical one comprises twenty states Adult skeletal muscles are of. Army to be made up of, enterprise, arise, prisoner, comprehensive, comprehension give... While you navigate through the website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering preferences... With iron-mines in voicing comprised of in a sentence stops, fricatives, and comprise a valuable of., include, involve the scholarship board will comprise nearly one thousand soldiers designs are of! Distinct genera, which are less closely related to each other than and... Usually do not use a subject humans and chimpanzees that comprise Eartheart 's higher nervous system, two bathrooms etc.

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