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Sprinkling orange zest around the picnic area will deter mosquitoes and flies. You will never throw away orange peels after watching this. Lemon peels, lime peels, grape, and other citrus peels can be tossed into your compost pile for use as a nutrient for your plants. The guru of all things gardening, Costa Georgiadis, answers all your composting questions. Just mix small pieces of citrus peel with used coffee grounds and scatter them around your plants. So before you toss that peel: Here’s 10 ways you can add banana peels to your garden, and keep it as natural as possible. Stir some of these nutrients into your soil when you dry the peels and then blend them into a fine powder. Spread orange peels throughout the garden or household plants to keep cats away; I’ve seen the same tip as a mixture of ground orange peel and coffee; Freeze citrus peels throughout the season, then grind and use to dress vegetable beds to keep … We keep a bucket near the greenhouse to drop peels into as we eat the oranges and make sure to put them on the outer edges of the garden. Mosquitoes hate the smell of citrus peels. 5 cups of boiling water for 15 mins. The strong citrus scent deters animals and pests from the compost pile. All you have to do is take your peels and chop them up a bit. Citrus fruit peels How to use citrus fruit peels at home and garden-Peel a lemon and use it to bathe yourself in the shower. As an added bonus, citrus peels also protects compost from scavengers and some pests as many of them dislike the smell. Repel mosquitoes. If you want to get rid of ants use citrus peels. Citrus is well known for being a repellent to insects and slugs. For pest control that is friendly to both the budget and the environment, use orange (Citrus x sinensis) peels to repel animals, insects and slugs from plants in your garden. These minerals also speed up the composting process. Using orange peels in the garden can help to repel mosquitoes too. Citrus peels can be composted, they are an excellent source of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. We are having a lot of trouble with slugs and aphids. You can also use the peel from two to three oranges to battle pests. Shred the peels into 1-inch pieces and place them in flowerbeds, in potted plants, on shelf tops or anywhere else you want to protect from cats. Adding them to compost is a great way to make it nutritious. Make an insect spray by steeping the peels from one orange in 2 cups of boiling water for at least 24 hours. I’ve never tried this one, but apparently ants don’t like the smell of oranges either. If you want to get rid of mosquitos, just rub citrus peels on your skin to repel them. Thank You, This fresh citrus smell is a nice way to put those citrus peels to use and is a great idea for when partying in the garden. 1. Citrus Peels and Onions While fruit and vegetables scraps from the kitchen are fundamental ingredients in a home compost pile, there are two iffy exceptions: citrus peel and onions. Read our. Are citrus fruits, bread and onions able to go in your compost? No more cat poo. Simply rub citrus peel over the leaves of your plants each month or place peels around the garden to deter Fluffy from using it as his personal toilet. This will ultimately help them decompose a little faster than they would if the peels … How about cardboard and coffee grounds? You can also use grated peels around your porch, patio, and garden to help repel mosquitoes. You can keep mosquitoes from biting when you add some citrus peels to your garden. Citrus peels such as peel of lemon work well for roasting chicken. Greetings from the Netherlands. They protect aphids from attack by ladybugs and other predators in order to secure the supply of honeydew and also cause damage to plants by disturbing soil around the plant’s roots. Before putting citrus peels to compost pile be sure to break them down into small pieces to speed up the composting process. As an added bonus, it also adds some essential micro and macro nutrients to the soil. But when you are done, don’t toss those citrus peels in the trash. Simply tear the citrus peels into small pieces place around the affected plant or tear a hole in the peel and attach the peel to a stem near the infected area. Adding them around the edge of your garden is a great way to keep slugs out of the area and your plants safe. Lemon, orange and peels from other citrus fruits have the following benefits in the compost: They add minerals such as potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen to make the compost nutritious. You can even try placing orange peels in areas where animals tend to dig as the scent may be enough to discourage them from the act. Got some citrus peels and throw them in the fireplace and enjoy the fresh citrus scent. Use Citrus Fruit Peels in the Home and Garden Citrus peels can be used in myriad ways instead of simply tossing them out or composting them. Even Free! Citrus peel pot can become a great biodegradable pot to start seeds. One of the easiest ways to add nitrogen to your compost pile is to add citrus peels to it. The neighbourhood cats used our garden as their toilet. Duvidas e curiosidades / Worms and orange peels. Similar to lavender and peppermint, cats don't like the strong citrus scent. Orange peels aren’t just good for use in the garden for composting; they can also serve other purposes and shouldn’t be thrown away as trash. The peels will keep cats away from your garden. Add the peel to a blender with 1 cup of warm water and puree into a slurry that can be poured on anthills. They will come and feed off of the sweet juices left on the peels and in turn add some color and ambiance to your garden. This substance is toxic to ants and will kill them if they come in contact with it. Just leave the peels in a shallow dish and their sweet scent and leftover juices will attract the butterflies. Citrus peels . So don’t toss those peels, use them in your garden instead. Dec 01, 20 01:05 PM. The fix: Toss the peel of an orange down the drain and run the appliance for 30 seconds. If you want to get rid of mosquitos, just rub citrus peels on your skin to repel them. Here’s more about it. Do this weekly until they are gone. If your plants are suffering from mild pest infestation avoid using chemical pesticides and try to repel them by using citrus peels. Mosquitoes hate the smell of citrus peels. Give your compost pile some nitrogen. 2. Will they help maintaining a rock hard erection? 12 Affordable Houseplants You Can Get So Cheap! You can read more about using coffee grounds here. Read More We have a small eclectic front garden. Alea Milham is the owner of Premeditated Leftovers and the author of Prep-Ahead Meals from Scatch. If possible, prefer organic sources rather than those which have been sprayed, especially for any food or internal use. Nancy. 3. Your email address will not be published. Steep a 1/2 cup of orange peels in 3.

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