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Posted on April 17, 2014 by Zephyr. I work in MH and there is a distinct difference between someone talking a lot, having agitated energy with anxiety and someone in a manic state with bipolar. I couldn't take it anymore. If you're the one who talks most of the time, try listening more often and giving other people a chance to speak. Today I am talking about one of the most popular blogs bp Magazine has ever experienced, called “Three Bipolar Symptoms No One Wants to Talk About.” This blog has received over 700,000 views and has hundreds of comments on the topic: and here’s why—nobody wants to talk about these symptoms! I have both bipolar and anxiety and the talking too much thing is quite different for both. If you have bipolar, you’ve probably felt the sluggish brain that comes with depression. The symptoms of mania in bipolar disorder include high energy levels, euphoria, and elevated self-esteem. The majority of individuals with bipolar experience alternating episodes of mania and depression. If you need help urgently, see our mental health web guide which can point you to expert advice. But I do. It’s also pretty easy to be angry at everyone who doesn’t feel this way. 1 Bipolar expert, Dr Ronald R. Fieve, describes Bipolar excessive spending in his book Moodswing like this: “The lifestyle of the manic-depressive who is in a high tends to be a glorious scattering of money”.. Pressured speech is a symptom of bipolar disorder that occurs during a period of mania. The excessive talking not only gives me a headache but makes it hard to think or focus. Darker Eyes in Dysphoric Mania. What do you need to know about sleep and sleep patterns when you have bipolar disorder? Having bipolar doesn't normally mean you talk a lot more all of the time. I know it’s a veil. Bipolar used to be called manic depression. For example, building up huge credit card debts will restrict your future. A big part of both mania and hypomania is having great, big ideas. If you are coping with hypersomnia (sleeping too much,) it's often advised that you gradually reduce the amount of time you spend sleeping by using an alarm clock. Noticeably more than normal. I started another thread this week as it was pointed out I talk ALOT.I do and always have.In my 20s a psychiatrist said I had verbal diorreah.I do have anxiety but I also have bursts of extreme energy.Normally in the summer.I can do a million things an hour and talk fast.too.Rambling on.I have never seen it as a problem as I can get loads done.I find other people quite slow.So you know anyone or do you talk to excess and is it bipolar or anxiety related.Has it.caused you problems?. How quickly an individual cycles through the moods varies from person to person. I have cared for many, many people during their acute bipolar episodes and can say you really don’t sound like you fit the criteria for a diagnosis. If a person is not treated, episodes of bipolar-related mania can last for between 3 and 6 months. Could things be much better? Learn more about the potential signs of bipolar disorder, and when to see a doctor for a diagnosis, here. I know it’s the bipolar talking … You've had at least one major depressive episode and at least one hypomanic episode, but you've never had a manic episode. However, the underlying cause of the pressured speech may have bigger implications that affect a person’s overall health and well-being. It took me a long time to accept i'm bipolar (type 2). A person with bipolar disorder may have difficulty separating these thoughts, meaning irrelevant thoughts may appear pressing, as soon as they enter the mind. Tag Archives: bipolar and too much thinking. The incessant chatter was the anxiety. Bipolar manifests itself in many different ways but here are ... Talking about mental health can be so scary ... so as well as being mad I have to be fat too, thanks for that, THANKS VERY MUCH. Difficult relationships and poor work performance may also affect a person’s ability to maintain a steady career or job. To be diagnosed with bipolar you have to have experienced several episodes of major depression and at least one episode of mania. Best of luck on your journey and I hope your next steps are are exciting and productive for you. i apologize. Bipolar – sometimes known as manic depression – is a severe mental health illness characterised by significant mood swings including manic highs and depressive lows. It makes him quite difficult to be around for any length of time as he does not take turns in conversation and can come across as very aggressive in the way he speaks. He talks 4 times as much as me and I'm the girl WTH.

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