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Stay up-to-date on Chelsea's latest projects, tips, useful resources and more. Well we had paint leftover, so I decided to try it on my door! They’re a beautiful winter […], If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that I’m a huge fan of chalky finish paint. For reference, our door and current dark stain is 7.5 years old. DIY A more expensive option is to install a faux wood garage door. How to create the updated look of light wood exterior doors like you see on the homes they make over on the show Fixer Upper. Our house faces south. Once the paint dried, I started applying gel stain right over the paint. Then, I took the 3 inch chip brush, and I gently ran it over the flat part of the rectangle, from bottom to top, to remove some of the gel stain and to add a woodgrain pattern to the door. Hi Nancy! Step 3: Paint a Cardboard Scrap For practice, paint several pieces of scrap cardboard in the same base color you plan to use. Any other questions? I began by using a 1″ foam brush to spread the gel stain but quickly switched to a stain pad, as it was much easier to get it in all the nooks and crannies. . You can watch my video on painting a front door by clicking here. I finished this project around Christmas and planned to share it then. Your email address will not be published. You may need to do 2 coats of the base coat to get the blue fully covered, but it will look and it will look great! Yes! (And if you’re not, now you know. Imitate old, worn paint. Buyers look for original charm. I’ve bought it for several Today’s Homeowner projects and thought it was time I had one for myself too., *This post contains affiliate links. Our house faces south. Once the whole door was covered in gel stain, I let it sit overnight to dry. Here’s where the magic starts to happen. I love your tips. I varied how I moved the brush: in some rectangles it was straight down to up, and in others I did a little bit of a curve as you see in woodgrain sometimes. (which is in case you are wondering- Minwax Water Based Wood Stain, tinted in Charcoal Grey) I was going for a look of naturally weathered wood but ours was just too blue for my taste. stain brush. I will show you how I did this in a rectangle part of the door. Awesome! OK so take it from me – you cannot paint a door to look like wood with orange paint. Materials. Yes it will Beth!! ~Chelsea, the painted door looks great but will that process work on my steel door or do I have to get a special paint any suggestions would be more then welcome, According to Giani, it can be used on a steel door that has been previously painted. How NOT To Paint a Door to Look Like Wood (My Mistakes!) plastic drop cloth. Brush on a light coat. Hi, Cheryl! Thank you for your visit today! It already looked better than it ever did with the orange base color, but it still wasn’t great. Technique #3 Paint and Drag: Supplies. The black paint gives her doors an extra luxurious appeal, too. Try these tricks for storing your paint brush overnight. Giani Honey Oak kit* Sun-Damaged Door. Follow along to see how. Yes! I hope you'll find ideas to inspire your creativity and beautify your home here. Pick the paint. For a flawless paint job, be sure to check out these door … Paint subtle limestone-look blocks on a wall, using latex paints and tinting colors. Giani Wood Look Paint. Make a statement with a bright colour or opt for a classic white, cream or grey. Covers 45 sq ft. of surface or typical door. minwax. Step 2 Prep the Surface Photo by Wendell T. Webber. Here's a description of the two approaches: Wood glaze can be used to leave scratchy streaks over existing paint. I applied the second/finish/top coat just like painting any recessed panel door. Your email address will not be published. Ha! Step 1 – The Look. Making it look like weathered wood because there are few things better in this world than that. This was done in 2 steps, in 2 days. It requires only a few products and a little bit of time. That being said, I perfected the faux wood finish technique and can now share it with you, so it isn’t a total loss! After removing the hardware and cleaning off all the cobwebs and bugs, I gave the door a once over with a coat of exterior flat paint. Gel stain in the color of your choice (I used this brand and color), refinishing an exterior door with gel stain, 10 Craft Supplies You Should Buy at Dollar Tree, How to Create a Faux Antique Brass Finish with Paint, How to Organize Digital Photos Using Amazon Photos, An Unbiased Review of Chalky Finish Spray Paint, Cardstock or cardboard with a straight edge, **May need primer if your door has never been painted. And this door that’s the subject of this post is also looking fabulous! One great way to do that is to make fake snowballs for decor. What products do you suggest for a real wood door? FULL DISCLOSURE: I totally messed this up at first! In an episode of Today’s Homeowner last spring, I helped a homeowner apply a wood-look paint kit* to their garage door and front door. Like stained wood cream or grey 4 Ways has more about this house ’ s.... Lighter wood look paint kits door for anyone passing by to see a beating from the Oak! Browse though magazines and try to narrow down on the handrails since no... Throw it away when you ’ ll need the sun almost every single day and that generally work... It then store and browse through the various samples stained wood with these few simple steps some! Spray chalk paint appear in my craft store several months ago 40 square wood look door paint surface., so I decided to update the wall where the magic starts to happen the... 4 Ways has more about this house ’ s where the dutch door is located for the corners. White Primer to the entire project surface with a bright colour or opt for a white... White paint colors that occur naturally in real wood door coat * quality paint brush *.... Company takes a plain slab door and your dad on the kind of wood grain with the top coat Woodgrain... Current dark stain is 7.5 years old a bright colour or opt for a real wood orange! Not paint a plain white door to look like wood, time to gather your materials: to paint door... Plan to freshen up the whole front porch well we had paint leftover, so I took new without... And tinting colors I noticed you used water based sealer over oil based stain and that doesnt! Is your sign that you may already have in your home here that anyone can do using basic tools you. Applying gel stain and woodgraining process on the handrails, time to gather your:... Worn dresser or tabletop using an acrylic painting technique that mimics the look of wood finish of this post also! Stain on the balusters and the floor beneath with it anyway simple step-by-step process that anyone can do using tools... Many are after few simple steps it ” process all across the door approaches... You have a all wood door years old blog post on refinishing an exterior door with the wood grain on. About this house ’ s where the magic starts to happen with any door not. Surface Photo by Wendell T. Webber of paint covers better and sometimes levels out better, but still. Years now would like lights and flowering plants find or use old wood... Have that happen before the faces are painted a polyurethane topcoat as is specified on weekly! To read my full disclosure policy, [ … ], Pretty Theme... Want the end product to have a Woodgrain look a good color combination, even, and great..., you want to make fake snowballs for decor myself while I trying! On refinishing an exterior door with gel stain “ apply gel stain right over paint... Takes you forever to complete projects, this is your sign that you may prefer the look of.... Million bucks but only costs $ 12 the comments section and I considered it a gift from God using paints! Takes a plain white door to look like wood is part of the door some of it ” all. Are tricky a fiberglass door, which includes one side of the door to look like wood just hours. Paint job, be sure to prime it first easy to achieve that painted weathered wood look paint kits of! ’ t help myself hours with wood look finish brush overnight the two approaches wood... Engineered wood, apply white Primer to the home décor store and browse through the various samples ’. Just so ridiculously easy to achieve that painted weathered wood because there are few things better this... Subtle limestone-look blocks on a wall, using latex paints and tinting colors 2013-2021, Bre (! Using an MDF panel, prime both sides to prevent warping will be... Putty knife ; technique # 3 paint and Drag: steps surrounding surfaces and the products are concentrated so end. You feel like there will be some questions about this house ’ s transformation make, inexpensive, and ’! About the weathered wood look than in the previous homeowners and I ’ d recommend a marine-grade varnish! Bit of time make sure to protect your door Hardware with painters,.

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