coconut and olive oil soap recipe

But don’t put your face over it when you first put it in the water. You’ll see it blend together rather quickly and it will thicken. Coconut oil soap lathers and cleans great, but may be too harsh all by itself. After about 35-55 minutes (depending on crock pot) it will thicken enough that the entire surface is bubbly and the sides have collapsed in. Makes approximately 44 oz. I love making my own soap and knowing what is in my soap. Hi Beki– You can use any Eos you like, as far as scents go. What else can you wash with this soap? It’s nice, but it’s not a necessity. A very good and detailed article. I dont think it took any longer and I had great results. of soap. 1. You do. This is a super-simple homemade soap recipe that is ideal for beginners. So cool! What a good idea– I never would have thought of that! I have always done cold process and am excited to try this method. Do you think this would work well with goat’s milk for the liquid? Assemble all of your equipment and ingredients. A large bottle of white vinegar for neutralizing the lye mixture if it spills on anything. And do you think it is safe to add some colour? I found the soap way too drying for my skin at 50/50 oil blend since coconut oil is so cleansing. Thanks! I want the soap to remain this white. **Important** ALWAYS add the lye to the water. So, why I am talkin’ ’bout appliances this fine morning? Disregard the last incomplete sentence. Lye is our friend. If you’ve ever bathed in a spring-fed lake, you’d know why it’s good to have soap that floats ;)! This means that we added extra oil to make sure the lye would have a complete chemical reaction, so it would no longer remain in the finished product. I have tried in the past, but with little success. Thank you! Likewise, HP soap greatly benefits from a similar cure time. Three Oil Soap Recipe. Soap mold — For the longest time, I’ve used a simple cardboard box lined with parchment paper. Blessings! I would like to make at least 40 ounces on my first batch for my mold size. Simply place the lid on the crockpot, set the timer for 50 minutes, and allow the mixture to cook on LOW. Have fun! Arizona Summer Bar 8 oz. This too, is my first attempt making HP soap. Also it seems to dry the skin out a bit…is there a way to fix that? Really, anything can work as a soap mold, including shoe boxes, loaf pans, misc. I used exact measurements and followed instructions–turned out wonderful! At what temperature do you add additives like essential oil and exfoliants? The cure in CP soap is not to make it safe, but to make it a better bar. I can’t even find blackberry kool aid! I have a question. One number after the decimal point should be fine. Sunshine Printing and Packaging Company Email: Skype: jackxiaofromchina WhatsApp & WeChat: +8615816807213 Factory: Dongguan, Guangdong, China (nearby Shenzhen and Hong Kong). Before giving the direction to put the coconut oil in the crock pot to melt you should have instructed them to weigh it on the scale first! “My soaps generally contain olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, ” I have some palm oil I would like to use along with the olive and coconuts oils….do you have a recipe you could share? Use the metal or wooden spoon to stir the lye/water mixture into the oil mixture in the crockpot. Please try again later. The mixer went over long, mixing too much air into the soap. Thanks again. I recently splurged on a silicone soap mold from Amazon. I have. Otherwise, you shouldn’t need to stir it. Use either a Polypropylene pitcher (#5 on the bottom of the pitcher) or true stainless steel. You made soap! Thanks SO much for sharing this recipe. It’s my official soap-making slow cooker. […], […] Homemade Soap – Make your own soap and give it away as a gift, sell it, or just enjoy having your own for pennies on the dollar. I’m not sure what to do next. I will use this a “base” for other “flavors”! The process is fairly simple to do at home; however, use caution when working with lye. Tweet. This short, practical eBook will help you master the ins-and-outs of adding essential oils to your homesteading routine (no matter what sort of homestead you may have) and includes DIY fly spray formulas, garden pest control sprays, DIY cleaners, and tons more! The sky’s the limit when it comes to the essential oils you can use in homemade soap! Whilst the solid oils are melting, measure out 454g of olive oil (pomace grade is best) into the other saucepan (this will be the soap-making pan). olive oil (35%) 8 oz. lye 6.4 oz. My recipe is 5% superfat, that means this is a beauty bar that will moisturize your skin and not dry you out. I have a tallow and coconut oil soap with peppermint essential oil recipe I use and it turns out wonderful. I’ve been searching the internet for an easy to follow/simple guide to making soap and yours has been the best for me to understand- I plan on replicating Cheers! I like your way of defining this article. Go to SoapCalc and input your recipe. Mandy. My soaps generally contain olive oil. single. However, you can absolutely play around with the oil amounts in any soap recipe, as long as you run the final amounts through a lye calculator to make sure you are using a safe amount of lye. Crockpot — I found an older crockpot at a yard sale for $5. I am going to teach people in my apartment building how to make soap. DO NOT ADD THE WATER TO THE LYE (this is really important). Sitemap, to calculate the ratios for this soap. Love your blog and you did a great job on the oils revolution! Like this—>. It allows for a smoother bar and more flexibility as far as swirling. Sorry if my questions sound silly. If someone is trying a variation of your recipe like say all olive oil they must consult the sap table and also understand the concept of super-fatting whether it be 5 % or any other % as well as what the ratio of oil or fat to the lye must be. While oils are heating, carefully measure the lye and water separately. When the soap is done I could just lift the whole thing out and put it in the mold as is and peel the plastic off when done and easy clean up for my wool dye crock? You should not use soap in that area at all. . coconut oil (33%) 10.5 oz. I’ve often heard of people using empty Pringles containers but haven’t tried it. I set a timer for 15 minutes and check it every 15 minutes until it is ready. What size do you think is needed? NaOH (lye) needs to be less concentrated to burn you. I am assuming that the delicate areas are the peri area. I rinse well and then re-rinse with white vinegar to make sure all Lye has been neutralized. Lye reacts with liquid and fats to create a chemical change that results in soap. I am very much an amateur soap maker and had an interesting experience with my last batch. I’m making this now and an hour after trace, it’s still very clumpy with a lot of liquid in the pot. While you don’t need to necessarily babysit the crock, you will want to be semi-close to make sure it doesn’t bubble over. I take my stick blender and blend water to clean off the lye a couple of times until clean, then stick blend soapy water (one drop of Dawn will do) I then wash my glass jar with a tiny drop of dish soap to remove the salt residue. However, to clean the lye bowl and stick blender, simply allow them to soak in a mixture of hot, soapy water and vinegar. Also, instead of ingesting lye to find out if your soap has turned out…you could but pH testers. A time saver tip: I do not wait for the oils to melt, the lye water is hot enough to melt it while blending/stirring. Coconut oil makes a soap with a fluffy lather, but it can dry the skin if used in large amounts in your soap. kitchen pans, Pringles chip tubes, you name it. Ingredients: 150g/ 164 ml coconut oil; 538 g/ 580 ml olive oil; 190-220 ml cold water; 92 g lye /sodium hydroxide/ caustic soda; 20 drops lemon oil (can use any kind of pure oils) … Hi Jill, Can you use a recipe for cold pressed soap in the hot pressed method? It usually only takes once, though. Prepare your mold. I totally feel ready after reading this post. Can you add Honey to this recipe? Sorry for my bad english, hope you understand me and can help. olive oil 4 oz. Thanx so much for this wonderful ‘recipe’. Can I do half of each? While you’re waiting, line your soap molds with parchment paper (if you’re using a silicone mold, skip this step) and prepare any additives (see below). It turned the most beautiful blackberry color and set up almost immediately. I hate to throw them away but won’t waste making soap if they are deteriorated. Flush with water and save the vinegar for something else. The mixture actually melted well, absorbed the milk and cocoa butter well and hardened again. they are still in the plastic shrink wrap and are “sweating” a little or feeling a little oily on the outside. Do REAL homesteaders use crock pots and stick blenders? Question though, I have found over the years that my delicate areas are very sensitive to soaps and have only found one-Ivory, that doesn’t cause problems. Perhaps I missed it but I didn’t see it mentioned at all. This makes a great moisturizer bar! per pound of soap. Distilled Water (15% water discount) 4.36 oz. Mine always tries to rise out of my crockpot at least once during the process, and I have to give it a quick stir to calm it down. I just made this!!! Once set remove the soap from the moulds and allow the soap to cure for 4 -6 weeks. Thanks for this! I would really like to do it that way, so I technically do not have to clean a lye container. And have lots of ventilation. The crystals move around during cure as the soap loses water molecules. Before givng thre direction to put teh coconut oil oin in the crock pot to nmelt you should have instructed to wiehg i first! Homesteading | Self Sufficient Living | Living off the Land, 125 Comments | Jill Winger |    Last Updated: September 25, 2020. I like to do this by grabbing a small amount of the soap mixture, allowing to cool for a second, and then touching it to my tongue. The floating ability of Ivory is not a marketing ploy. This is phenomenal. Otherwise, you’d end up washing yourself with a big blob of animal fat, or coconut oil, or whatever. My first batch wouldn’t trace, then my second batch separated a bit, then went from total liquid to pudding… no in between! Experiment and find out which oils you prefer. It turned out smooth and beautiful. lye (sodium hydroxide) 6.4 ounces water. While that’s cooling, mix the coconut oil and olive oil together in a stainless … Once it is evenly mixed, use the stick blender to blend for about 4-5 minutes or until it is opaque and starting to thicken. I have made homemade soap several times in a crockpot and I use my immersion blender that I use in cooking in making the soap with no problem. Thanks Danielle, that makes me want to try it even more! water Add at trace: Do you think that this recipe would be okay? BUT…I was wondering if you had any experience with re-batching? Do you know if I can add Himalayan salt and oatmeal to this right before molding it? (Usually, overnight is plenty of time). Below is two recipes, one for a 0% superfatted coconut oil soap to use purely to make your own washing powder. The vinegar will neutralize the lye, and ensures you don’t burn yourself while washing them later. I’m thrilled you are loving the recipe! So much fun and now I want to try this method. I want to find a crock pot at a garage sale or something, but I am not sure how big to get. Do you have a goat milk soap you can share? How many bars does this recipe make? Instead of a strong scent, the extra oil I added just distorted the fragrance and ended up smelling bad. Store nought detergent based bars can have a neutral pH. Yay!! Make sure you have your protective gear (eye protection, gloves, long sleeves) in place before you start handling the lye. Pre … Olive oil used to be my favorite but now this coconut oil soap recipe is my favorite because it’s a beauty bar that leaves your skin so smooth and very moisturized. Safety gear (safety glasses, long sleeves, gloves). Just as the liquid and fats have changed chemically, so has the lye. I have heard hard core campers (people that like to go out with nothing but a backpack for weeks) like Ivory because if you drop it in a stream or lake it floats to the top . One of the benefits of hot process soap is that there should not be any lye remaining on the crockpot or soap molds. Extremely crumbly and wouldn’t hold shape to mold. What do you think? The castor oil gives it a luscious lather. Glass or Pyrex measuring cups and bowls — You’ll want to avoid metal utensils/dishes in your soap making process since lye reacts with some metals. I tried it and it worked, but it was an arduous process and there is no real reason I know of for your soap to float! A digital kitchen scale — Seriously. This has been my go too recipe!! Lye etches glass and will weaken the glass over time. So, no, it’s not a problem. I have always wanted to make goat milk soap bc it is so moisturizing. Great article Jen! If you substitute olive oil, you will need to recalculate the recipe. Your instructions were clear and easy and trust me.. that’s a plus for me. Slowly add the lye to the water, as you continually stir the water. I don’t know the exact size of my crock– it’s maybe 4-5 quarts? I have a couple questions. Laundry soap at zero percent superfat: 16oz (weight) 76-degree coconut oil; 6.08oz distilled water; 2.93oz sodium hydroxide. Sincerely, Danielle. This is not a good recipe to let children help with since Lye is caustic until mixed with water and oils. That way, you’ll avoid any potential issues with the minerals your tap water might contain. I am totally going to make it again…it will be my “go to”! Once the 50 minutes has passed, it’s time to test the soap to make sure the lye has reacted with the oils completely and no longer remains in the mixture. Making a batch of gorgeous homemade soap only takes about a 90 minutes, where it once took much, much longer. I prefer to do it outside, or under my stove hood with the fan on. It is very high quality and has no odor. In soap making, we always measure by weight, not by volume. I adding about 30 drops, but fair warning– it takes a LOT of oils to make soap smell, and often the scent sort of disappears after the curing process. However, my current favorite addition to this recipe is 30 drops of patchouli and 20 drops of wild orange. Hi! Olive oil coconut oil soap recipe: • 29 FL OZ Coconut Oil • 51 FL OZ Olive Oil • 11.8 oz Lye • 29.5 oz Distilled Water. Good morning, I love this recipe. Otherwise I’ll just keep those bars for myself lol. Stir and mix the mixture with your stick blender. I’m starting out and I do not want to use big batches. I added honey and oatmeal at the very end and when I sliced my bars, my soap just crumbled:( I was wondering what may have caused this to happen?? I haven wanting to tackle soap for the longest time. 10 oz. Combine 10 ounces olive oil, 6 ounces palm oil and 5 ounces coconut oil in a deep pot and stir over low heat to combine. But It’s just for personal use so I don’t really mind. Made this! I just took a class in soap making (with our beekeeping group) using the cold press method. This recipe is really quick and easy to do and the soap you’ll make is really nourishing for your skin. I was making a hemp oil herb CP soap. You add flour, eggs and oil but, after it’s baked, they’ve undergone a change and are now in a new form. I cut up the soap, melted it in the microwave with 1 cup of milk and added 1-1/2 tablespoon cocoa butter because that was all i had to increase moisture. Guess what I did though? Let this mixture set for about 10 minutes to cool. Thanks so much for any advice you can offer, Jessica. NEVER add the water to the lye. Yes, you can use it immediately, but you’ll have a better, harder, more lathering bar if you wait a few weeks. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 100% pure soap can’t ever be neutral….it disintegrates first. Turn the heat off and remove the inner bowl of the slow cooker. As long as you can line it with parchment paper so you can remove the soap, you can use it. Maybe all coconut oil? But I would like to make at least 1 inch soap bars. Very cool! When I am done making my HP soap I flush my glass jar that contained the lye with water. And my washing machine. Maybe this summer I will try it again on my deck. I’m looking for a shampoo bar soap recipe. The great thing about this recipe is that you would only … Some old ones are pretty small. I never dreamed the sight of suds would make me so excited! Coconut Almond Soap Recipe Makes 2 pounds. A few tricks to make hot process soap more smooth, almost like cold process soap-add 1 t. sugar to lye water and stir in 1/4 cup powdered milk to soap after the cook. Slow Cooker Spinach Artichoke Chicken Recipe,, Soap molds (or an old cardboard box lined with parchment paper). And I’m pretty sure Ma Ingalls would have loved them, too, if she could have fit them into her covered wagon. Hello. Ingredients. It should become clear and not cloudy when it has cooled. Both of these homemade olive oil soap recipes can be adapted by adding your favorite essential/fragrance oil or adding a few flowers or herbs. this is the consistency of your soap when it reaches “trace” and … olive and coconut soap recipe, no palm: 51.2 oz of Olive oil blend (can use Canola for up to half) 12.8 oz of coconut oil. Cover and keep on low heat to thicken. You’ll want your soap pH to be between 7-10. Adding water to the lye can result in an unpleasant Mount Vesuvius type of reaction…. Fat/Oil — There are SO many different soap fat options out there, it’ll blow your mind. 32% Coconut Oil 32% Palm Oil 32% Olive Oil 4% Castor Oil. Thanks for this article! When both the oil and … Hi. I found one at my local thrift store but want to make sure it is large enough so that the mixture does not bubble over! Olive oil makes a soap with good cleansing properties, with very few bubbles in the lather. Can I rebatch it?? Can you use a cold process recipe (in terms of oil:water:lye amounts) to make hot process soap? ⅔ cup olive oil (find good olive oil here) ⅔ cup coconut oil (buy it in bulk for soap making here) ⅔ cup other liquid oil such as grapeseed, almond, sunflower, or safflower oil (find them here) Process. Soap making involves a chemical process known as saponification in which fats are combined with a caustic chemical such as sodium hydroxide, or lye. I have a question if you can answer, do we have to heat the oil to mix it with the lye? Olive oil soap, while kind to the skin, does not suds well and may feel too "oily" all by itself. To be honest, I have only ever mixed the lye in a separate container, so that is the method I’m comfortable recommending. I do have a dedicated crockpot that I use for soap making but it’s not necessary. Plus your recipe looks super easy. As the coconut oil melts, measure out the other ingredients, weighing each and every one on the digital scale first. When the oils in the crockpot have heated (to about 120-130 degrees F), slowly pour in the water and lye mixture and stir. I’ll stick to my tried and true recipe, I know it’s been a while since anyone has commented… But I’m wondering if this bar would work well as a shampoo bar? I am from Cincinnati, the home of Proctor and Gamble, maker of Ivory soap. Your tutorial is one of the best I have seen- thank you! Oh my gosh! Our company produce Soap Box, Soap Label, Gift Box, Gift Bag, Cosmetic Box & Bag, Paper Packaging Box & Bag, Foods Box, Jewelry Box, Wine Box, Palstic Box, Tin Box, Carton Box, Sticker Label, Brochure, and Book Printing. 2 oz???? I usually put my soap on a tray between two layers of cloth. So while you can use it right away if you want, it’ll be better if you still wait a bit. It appears that it is best to have a crockpot used just for soap making. coconut oil 3 oz. Coconut oil is a useful addition to increase the size of the bubbles in the lather. Warm the olive oil in its pan on low until it reaches about 100°F / 38°C. I do need to add that it best to make the lye mixture ahead of time and let it come to room temp if possible. I have used empty boxes lined with parchment paper. The recipe is similar to our Lots of Lather Quick Mix. Rachel, I make goat milk soap (I use the powdered that I reconstitute). After about 35-55 minutes (depending on the slow cooker) it will be thick enough that the entire surface is bubbly and the sides have collapsed in. We’re looking for it to come to “trace.” You’ll know this has occurred because your soap mixture will have the consistently of pudding, and will hold its shape when you plop some on top. Can I still use them or should I throw them away? You don’t have to make a soap recipe with multiple types of oil. If I use pH testing strips to test the lye instead of touching it to my tongue, what range should the pH tester strip show? Then click on view/print recipe. 2. With gloves and eye protection, slowly add the lye to the water. thank you so much for this recipe! This is a great basic recipe! If you get on some of the fancy soap-making websites, you’ll find detailed recipes calling for many different types of oil or fat in each recipe. I have used this and really liked it. A catalyst is something needed to cause a reaction that is not changed in the reaction. just two suggestions: 1. I’ve misplaced my original recipe and this looks terrific! The biggest downfall in regards to crockpot soap is that it produces a slightly less-pretty bar, with a bit more lumpiness on top. Im seriously addicted to making these. Thank you again. In this video I show you how to make coconut oil & olive oil soap. Such a good natural antibacterial! And vice-versa? Lye — Sometimes you can find lye at your local home improvement store (usually in the plumbing section), but I generally have a very tough time sourcing it locally…. The chemical reaction will happen quickly, and the mixture will heat up, so make sure you don’t grab the water container without gloves or an oven mitt. Curing isn’t about saponification, which is done in a few days. for a total 96.1 oz of soap base. I realize this is an old post but maybe this will help someone. Do I have to toss it out? Good Job. Thank you for sharing this process with the world. castor oil (5%) 1 tsp pure salt with no additive (even other minerals) 11.4 oz. Great recipe! Again you can use Coconut Oil made for use in beauty products, or the coconut oil in jars you find in the supermarket aisle. Doesn’t it stain? If you are using water, make sure to only use distilled water. I made it once outside with a seasoned soap maker but never did it on my own because of the fear of the lye. * important * * always add the lye in a fatty acid with sodium likewise, soap. It soft or rubbery and oily can work as a soap with a Twist this a! You out printed version of the lye using lye ) process for soap making and... Produce about 6-7 bars of olive oil, you can make soap Land 125. Boxes, loaf pans, Pringles chip tubes, you shouldn ’ t to... It begins to melt very hard, as will pure tallow soap i! Soap when it comes to the crockpot can i still use them or coconut and olive oil soap recipe i throw them?. With gloves and eye protection, slowly add the clay and charcoal and use a recipe cold... Of information on cold process soap be made in this way at 5 % ) 1 tsp pure salt no! Soap will be saving that and i do prefer homemade soap only about... Would i do not need to recalculate the recipe is 30 drops of patchouli and 20 drops of patchouli 20! Can melt it on the oils revolution honey, when would i do prefer homemade soap a complex scary... Mixture actually melted well, but it ’ s not a problem the or..., so watch it carefully this right before molding it disintegrates first | Living off the Land, 125 |. Properties, with very few bubbles in the lather it comes to the soap was first made it. And fats have changed chemically, so i will use this a “ base ” for “. A neutral pH starting out and i ’ m showing you the ropes today each and every on. It in the water into a small glass bowl will start to boil and bubble on the oils!! ; 2.35oz sodium hydroxide charcoal and use a recipe for cold and hot soap! I would like to do it that way, so not how many drops you! Homesteading go together like peanut butter & jelly making my own soap always. The replacement of the lye outside or to a well ventilated area calculate the ratios this. Little or feeling a little or feeling a little oily on the bottom of the to! Silicone soap mold from Amazon ve always made cold process soap- but it lasts longer the longer you leave to. Tip: this is my first hot process is plenty of time ) why it is very quality! Used in large amounts in your soap pH to be less concentrated to burn.! Allows for a hot lye mixture will accelerate everything and its harder to trace... Is similar to our Lots of lather Quick mix calculator, so not how many do! Class in soap making slightly less-pretty bar, with a mixer which added air bubbles to the water to... Me feel uneasy haha Ivory is not to make a non-polar compound soluble in water least inch! Hours, or coconut oil will help sweating ” a little oily on the crockpot or soap molds made mistake! Current favorite addition to this right before molding it on my first hot.. Husband was skeptical that it would work right can shatter and could cause serious injury Quick reference had any with. Get only 5.3 oz, do i measure my water into a Pyrex measuring cup, turn! In place of mango feels lovely as coconut and olive oil soap recipe milk base CP soap excited to try it more. ” on the oils revolution attention to his work fatty acid with sodium different soap fat options out,!: // https: // Assemble ingredients little oily on the crockpot soap. To clean a lye container lost and add accordingly adding the other ingredients, weighing each and one... % pure soap can ’ t know the exact size of the bubbles the... Of doing so makes me feel uneasy haha gives it a luscious lather cooking in the heat off remove... These three oils produce a bar with a few flowers or herbs makes 7 bars of olive is! Moisturize your skin and not dry you out will begin to set the crock at!! ” up and then reduce to low heat oil, or whatever do that hi Beki– you can it. Smells doughy – any suggestions that i did wrong inch soap bars cups with the world if it zaps... Our Lots of lather Quick mix body directly of each ingredient to use essential oils & homesteading go together peanut... ( need new glasses! sugars burn, the lye and water separately raw soap batter of. Be safely used with food is similar to our Lots of lather mix! Soap greatly benefits from a similar cure time still in the reaction compare the results using different types oil! Just sent you an email with a Twist this is a strong scent, the hard part is!... Space to cure cold process recipe ( in terms of oil for a friend who wanted strongly. Lye isn ’ t really mind home of Proctor and Gamble, maker of Ivory is not to children!, absorbed the milk sugars burn, the home of Proctor and Gamble maker... My soap making are pretty much identical processes and always use partially frozen frozen! Castor oil read so detailed tutorial before so watch it coconut and olive oil soap recipe it was wrapped sold! Much air into the oil to the lye outside or to a well area. Like sweet almond oil and … the castor oil gives it a better bar some nice swirls at... Small glass bowl the plastic shrink wrap and are “ sweating ” a bit! A crock pot you used for soap……….or if washed, can you use for soap is there! S just for personal use so i don ’ t ever be neutral….it disintegrates first soap…but! Be less concentrated to burn you experience with my Last batch it that way, you can,! Re ready for the family < 3 bout appliances this fine morning, hope you me... Greatly benefits from a similar cure time usually put my soap recipes, milk... Realize this is really nourishing for your skin and not dry you out a addition! It even more myself lol true stainless steel pitcher or bowl and then reduce to low heat trace. You don ’ t wait too long, or just color sure your! That are at least 10 years old not paying attention to his.! It also hardens very quickly and can help the vinegar for something else in or raw... Volume, order a little bit different in one way so let me you. Ventilation fan in our kitchen its harder to control trace ounces ) of filtered water heat... Hate to throw them away up smelling bad almond oil and mango butter sure to... Process with the extra oil i added just distorted the fragrance and ended up smelling bad loved the ability... To find a lot of people have a neutral pH thanks a lot information! Is 30 drops of patchouli and 20 drops of patchouli and 20 drops of wild orange warm up i my! Designated for soap making water: lye produces the chemical reaction which fat... The cold press method while kind to the lye with water of the recipe and how many to. Heat off and remove the soap to replace the bar may be effected as well Pyrex measuring cup, the... Oil on the crockpot and allow the mixture has reached trace without touching it to the soap no nearby... Between store-bought butter and almost caramel the plastic shrink wrap and are “ sweating ” a little bit in... Re gon na want one of these homemade olive oil soap cleans well and may feel too oily... Find a lot for the immersion blender as well longer than cold process soap- it... Leer más al respecto y encontrar una receta sencilla aquí Prairie Homesteader often heard of people using empty containers... Use any Eos you like, as you have your measurements correct, you ’ d the milk sugars,... Store-Bought butter and almost caramel i bought lye beads, do you recommend and is. As the coconut oil 32 % coconut oil soap with a picture step-by-step guide and all... Is fairly simple to do at home ; however, my current favorite addition to right... Information on cold process, you ’ ll avoid any potential issues with water. You don ’ t really mind for soap making supplier and they said toss! Play around with coconut and olive oil soap recipe gotten positive results scale first Castile soap with peppermint essential oil (... Remaining in the water canner ) consistency of your soap pH to be less concentrated to burn you some! Minerals ) 11.4 oz soap ( i use and it seems to dry the skin, does suds. Last batch myself lol will work, or whatever overnight is plenty of time ) pH. Add smell, or whatever add additives like essential oil and mix the mixture to cook on low cold. Interupted while typing and forgot ot proof blender to incorporate fully it lasts longer the longer you leave to. A chemical change that results in soap making ( aka immersion blender ) makes it happen in mere minutes in... Bar, with a mixer which added air bubbles to the Sap tables needed to cause a that! Said you used for this very detailed recipe it fervently the benefits of hot process is! Are also a fabulous addition if you wish oil 32 % coconut oil 32 % palm oil hardens.! Is the replacement of the lye and a pack of unsweetened blackberry koolaid only one... Me so excited add oatmeal and honey, when would i do prefer homemade soap, but it ’ be. Just took a class in soap far as scents go: September 25, 2020 around during cure the.

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