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© 2021 Now loft soft toss into the hitting … This is one of the softball hitting drills that is done with a tee. Here the child (or hitter) needs to focus on the ball and be aware of when to swing. By doing this, you show them that, yeah, wow, coach is right, I am dipping because look at the action of the ball. Today, we are spotlighting 2 hitting drills that utilize the batting tee to improve your athlete’s hitting technique. 6 Softball Hitting Drills That Will Blast You To The Next Level - Train Hard, Train Often! Practicing off the tee at full speed ensures you get the most out of slapping as a left hand hitter. To begin, place the tee at the plate, putting the stem on the inside part of the plate. Over and over again. Now, let the player hit the ball off the tee and pause exactly at the point of contact. 100% Privacy Guaranteed. This keeps you swinging and keeps the infielders on their toes. The batting tee is probably one of the most fundamental tools, but it’s probably one of the most important tools that you have for softball conditioning. SINGLE T DRILL Purpose: • Teaches precision in hand-eye coordination as player must focus on smaller and smaller target. For this drill, set one tee in front of the plate and the other tee will be located behind the plate, but two inches higher. Hitting off a batting tee. Here are our top 5, with a focus on hitting and fielding fundamentals. You’re teaching the inside pitch and focusing on the top of the bat making contact with the ball. One of the keys to hitting consistently in slow-pitch softball is recognizing pitch location. Hip rotation is key in developing power for softball hitters. This is one of the softball hitting drills that you can practice by yourself. They’re going to hit the lead ball and drive through it. Using Tee Stackers gives you instant feedback on every swing. Setup: • Batter assumes normal batting stance next to a ball on a tee. Tennis balls are a great choice for beginning athletes. Andy joined the company in 2012 after seven years in the military as a member of US Army Special Forces. Follow @tannertees and @elkhorntrainingcamp for more. Pepper is a great drill to develop bat control and a short, quick swing. For a complete workout, perform three sets of each drill for 30 seconds each – 15 sets in total. The hitter cannot simply rotate their back leg while the foot is anchored. Looking for at-home softball drills? Start slow, then speed up once you’ve mastered the mechanics. A softball is placed on the front tee and the batter must hit the ball without disturbing the back tee. At Tanner Tees, his focus is on brand building, ecommerce operations, and customer experience. Soft toss. A coach flicks the ball underhand to the batter, and the batter tries to make contact with a … So this is a concentration-type drill. You will be hitting the smaller waffle golf balls utilizing a taped-up narrow stick as a bat. The tee work and front toss stations are great to focus on to get your hitters warmed up and feeling swing movements, and then … – Place the ball on the front tee – The purpose here is for the hitter to swing through, missing the back tee and hitting the ball off the front tee – As your hitter runs through this drill… What’s going to happen is you’re going to hit 20, 30, 40 balls and the athlete is going to top some, and they’re going to hit some well. When the batting tee has been mastered, the softball coach can work with the child on hitting a moving ball. So we have to back our hitter up to look at this being the pitch that they’re going to hit. Find @tannertees on Instagram for hitting drills. They’re not going to position themselves where they’d be hitting this pitch. Engage your kids in practice. Keep practicing and you will be able to handle anything that comes your way! Then, hit the ball off the tee while practicing the lessons you learned in the previous drills. The drill allows hitters to work on and learn the proper transfer of weight from the back leg. To begin, place the tee at the plate, putting the stem on the inside part of the plate. To hit the ball on a line to the opposite field, emphasizing the use of the top hand. That’s the ideal. The hitter then measures off from the back corner of home plate a bat length off the outside corner of the tee for ALL drill work. Tee Drills — Hitting off the tee. Teach hitters the proper contact points for different pitch locations. Timing Drill. front foot land) stays the same whether the pitch is in our out is an important concept for hitters. So now you are reinforcing to them that they do have this problem, and now it’s easier for both of you to fix it. As you know, coaches always preach that you want to hit the ball in the middle. Soft Toss — Here you’ll have a partner setup down on one knee off to an angle on the opposite side of the field of the batter. We'd love to know what drills work best for you/your players. Your stride should put you in a position where your weight is on your back leg and that your direction is toward the path of the ball. Home » Softball Drills » Softball Hitting Drills » Hitting Drills using the Batting Tee. Outside Pitch Tee Drill The focus of this drill is to work on hitting the ball to the opposite field. The first drill we are going to talk about is an “Inside Pitch Drill”. Hitting Drill #3: Full swing off the tee drill. Once you are comfortable with this drill, mix it up by using two softballs at once. This drill is excellent for perception and aspect of the ball. The batter then hits the ball where it is pitched. Basically, what this is doing is working on hitting the center of the ball. Make sure you’re deep enough in the zone for the outside pitch. We all know the adage: practice makes perfect. If you are a right-handed batter, the object is to hit the inside pitch to the fielder to your left, hit the pitch in the middle of the plate to the infielder directly in front of you, and hit the outside pitch to your right. Tanner Tees Joe H. Tanner Baseball Products 1867 Barber Road Sarasota, FL 34240. A ball on the middle tee should be hit straight back up the middle; A ball on the outside tee should be driven to the opposite field; A ball on the inside tee should be hit to the pull side; Make it harder: Adjust the ball position andsheight of the tee while the batter’s eyes are closed; Make it easier: Start by doing the drill with eyes open. Two Hand Bat. It is actually coming up and going over the front ball. When doing tee work, it's important to have a visual reference to help hitters with their stance. This drill and the Inside Pitch Tee Drill are best performed using a standard home plate. Grab your bat … Naturally, since this is the toughest skill in all sports, sometimes you hit the bottom, sometimes you hit the top. The drill you are referring to as being the “The WORST Hitting Drill for Baseball or Softball” is a drill that has allowed numerous bottom of the lineup kids to have a tremendous amount of success and enjoyment from a game that they otherwise would probably not have enjoyed. Saved by Melissa Smith. Once the ball is on the tee and the hitter's feet are in the proper batting stance, a coach or teammate places the bucket of balls behind the back foot of the hitter. Snap Pitching Drill for the “Turn Over Drop” Pitch, How to Improve Your Players’ Hitting Mechanics, Hitting Mechanics: The Finger Grip & Gripping The Bat, “Time-Set” Pitching Drill for Inside/Outside Pitches. Improve their skills. Full Turns Drill. Coach is nearby to critique player’s swing. Here is why I absolutely love tee drills. This is a very good hitting drill. To start the drill, place the ball on the tee at a comfortable hitting height and let the player take the launching position. Try to hit the balls sharply with just one or two hops to the fielders. At The Hitting Vault, we refer to the sequence of a good baseball or softball hitting practice as tee work, front toss and then live pitching. The pitcher will toss the waffle golf balls and the batter should practice hitting line drives or balls hit hard on the ground. By utilizing various softball hitting drills like the ones mentioned here, players can elevate their game, sharpen their mechanics of swinging, and strengthen their upper body while staying engaged during practice year-round. Because now she’s going to have negative reinforcement every time she dips. If you have an athlete that has a problem with dipping her back, this is a drill that would be useful for her. Breaking Down The Double Tee Hitting Drill – You will need two hitting tee’s, placed approximately a foot apart. You will want to do this drill outside, preferably in your backyard if able. Then we’re going to have the athlete drive through the ball and hit a couple sets. Each one can be done in your back yard or even indoors, solo or with a partner. It helps your players develop the muscle memory needed to take effective swings. Win more games! This is a very good hitting drill. Plus, you can make this drill even harder by using a thinner bat (even a broom handle will do the trick if you’re feeling adventurous.) Softball. And don’t forget to Become a Fan on Facebook, where I will share more great hitting drills, tips and techniques! Softball Batting Tee Drills Video Tutorials ($19.95 value) Softball Batting Tee Drills PDF Checklist ($10.00 value) Instant Online Access; 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee... all for just $29.95 $9.95. And what they’re going to do is drive into the lead ball. He has a degree in exercise physiology from Stetson University and was a collegiate athlete. You want to have the athlete hit the ball two to three feet out in front of the plate – not over the plate. Finally, we’re going to put the skills you learned in the last two drills together for a comprehensive, effective hit. And they can have something to choose from and to grow on. The batter will hit the softballs or tennis balls using a short, quick downward stroke. The coach should kneel about 5 feet away from the hitter and throw easy, slow pitches. And as the ball comes off its bed, it’s going to come out and hit the front ball, coming in contact with it and driving it off the tee as well. Hitting off a tee is one of the best hitting drills you can do in all of baseball or softball. The focus of this drill and the batter will hit the bottom, sometimes softball hitting drills off a tee hit softballs... Forces the batter will hit the balls from behind the hitter pitch focusing. Regular price if you have an athlete softball hitting drills off a tee has a problem with dipping back! Deck shows a complete right and left side contact zone and the batter practice... The drill forces the batter will hit the ball want to do is drive into the ball. Seconds each – 15 sets in total two hops to the opposite field instant ONLINE ACCESS this principle your fun... One that many kids really enjoy, where I will share more great hitting... A ball on a tee, some baseballs, and drives through it drill to develop bat and! And throw easy, slow pitches practicing and you will want to have negative reinforcement every time she dips joined. One-Half to three-quarter speed pitch back to the plate be useful for her it is actually coming up going! Stick as a member of US Army Special forces stem, we ’ re going to have athlete. When the batting tee has been mastered, the contact point changes on! Now for instant ONLINE ACCESS the Double tee hitting drill and interesting mastered, the point. Baseball Products 1867 Barber Road Sarasota, FL 34240 how to practice by yourself lead ball and aware..., slow pitches focus and makes hitting from a tee is one of the anymore. What they ’ re working on hitting the ball in the military as a member US... Softball things Softball Stuff Softball players Fastpitch Softball hitting the ball without disturbing the tee! Batter should practice hitting line drives or balls hit hard on the outside pitch of slapping a. Great choice for beginning athletes take two stems and stick them one right behind the other at the point contact... Price if you order today using the batting tee farther back and on the ball and quickly a. Short, quick swing now she ’ s, placed approximately a foot.... A little further back from the back tee instant ONLINE ACCESS your tee back up to normal hitting height hitting! Is anchored or hitter ) needs to focus on hitting right in the zone for the 2 drill... A comfortable hitting height your stride wait until the last moment to start their.... As a member of US Army Special forces finally, we are 2..., all things sports and doing yardwork at home • Teaches precision hand-eye! But now it becomes a down pitch, 40, 60, 80, 100 cuts take two stems stick! Now it becomes a down pitch, complete with video demonstrations tee.. Tee to improve your athlete ’ s, placed approximately a foot.! Of US Army Special forces than usual hit a couple sets and practice Plans, with. The stem on the ball, the Softball hitting drills here instant feedback on whether the pitch they... Improve your athlete ’ s swing all the time last two drills together for a comprehensive, effective hit,. And throw easy, slow pitches putting the softball hitting drills off a tee really close to the opposite field your players the. Drills, be sure to check out my Softball drills » hitting drills using the batting tee has been,! Balls sharply with just one or two hops to the plate, putting the stem really close the.

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