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.table_d2e31 { 32 Shares. -->. --- DX 44V Select a Link 4 ratings. --- DX 55V CB Radios. } .table_d2e100 td { new Galaxy radio? The Galaxy DX 959 is a 40 channel CB radio (FCC Certified) with AM and SSB (Single Side Band) modes of operation. W/Frequency Counter Large, easy to read meter with 4 scales: "S" meter indicates up to.. $174.99 Midland 5001Z. See and discover other items: 10 meter ham radio, galaxy radio, trucker radio, ham radio equipment, Best cb radios for truckers, Best galaxy cb radios for truckers There's a problem loading this menu right now. Need Help or maybe just a recommendation? .table_d2e175 td { CB Radio Shopping Guide (PDF) If space is not an issue, perhaps one border: 1px solid; --- DX 33HML Galaxy offers affordable, high-quality CB radios to users of all skill levels. width: 100%; Durable and easy to use, these radios won't let you down. Discussion in 'CB Radio Forum' started by philjo, Mar 1, 2012. Microphones $69.95. *New July 2013 Galaxy DX99V2. They'll stop on a channel when transmissions are detected so you can listen in. Modifications. DX 55HP. The radio functions are laid out in a driver friendly format essential for ease of use while keeping your eyes focused on the road ahead. Fast and Free 3-day Shipping with Right Channel Radios Browse the 919, 929, 939, 949, 959 & 979 models & more. CB radio is available in many countries around the world. The further the distance the higher the power output. $129.95. The radio incorporates a large number of features – more than just about any other FCC type certified CB radio on the market. border: 1px solid; DX 55HP. Many Galaxy models include SSB, which increases power from 4 to 12 watts, 5 digit frequency counters and Starlight Backlit Displays are other popular features, Click on "Filter Products" below to find a Galaxy CB with the feature set you need. This will work on following Galaxy Radio Models: DX33HP2, 44HP, 45HP, 45MP, 47HP, 48T, 93T, 95T, 95T2, 99V2. Galaxy DX-959B Mobile CB Radio for Truckers Five-digit frequency counter with large blue digits, two-digit channel display with larger blue digits. I once hooked a Glen 326G VFO into a Cobra 1000GTL for a customer in '84 when I was working at a CB shop in Ohio, the PA/CB switch was used to switch from internal channel selector to the external VFO, and when in the PA position, the channel display blanked out, and it was on the VFO. DX2547 - Galaxy Base CB Radio with SSB. 2 – Galaxy DX-959 SSB / CB Radio The Galaxy DX-959 CB radio is a high-quality radio that has 40 CB channels and has SSB (Single Side Band) and AM modes. --- DX 88HL border-color: 669966; border: 2px solid; In these days of converted 10-meter radios, companies like Cobra, Midland and Uniden seem to be trimming their CB radio lines. Galaxy DX 33HML cb radio AM/FM bad boy with power microphone mobile cb skip. DX 98VHP. width: 100%; .table_d2e10 { Available: DX 959-REFURB. Review on Amazon. S/RF Power Meter for Galaxy 48T, 95T, 95T2, 959....and more.. $10.99: SOLD OUT . .table_d2e23 td { Currently. $86.00 26 bids + $17.00 shipping . } Hello test. CB radios, or citizens band radios, are still used in a number of professions and by many people. Excellent service, low prices, repair, warranty, tuning and fast world wide shipping on the latest Galaxy radios. Offering low prices & outstanding support before, during, & after the sale. border: 1px solid; A site with hundreds of mods for various cb and amateur radios. 40 Channel AM/SSB base CB radio. The radio is manufactured for Galaxy by RCI so don’t be surprised when you look at the board and see Ranger stamped on it. This radio consists of a 5 digit frequency counter on the front. width: 100%; border-color: 669966; Top 3 Galaxy CB Radios Buying Guide In 2020 Galaxy DX 949 40 Channel AM/SSB Mobile CB Radio. DX959 - Galaxy Most Popular CB Radio With Classic Lighting With AM And Single Sideband Modes. width: 100%; Bluetooth equipped radios let you connect your phone, allowing you to have cell conversations using your CB. The DX919 has a new compact shape while keeping a classic CB radio appearance. Instead of manually flipping through channels to discover chatter, radios with channel scanning can be set to constantly scan all 40 channels for activity. Refurbished. ... DX 919. We are working every day to make sure our community is the best Radio Hobbyist's site. DX29HP (New 2010) DX33HML (Nov-2006 Stopped Production) DX33HP (June-2009 ... CB Base Radios . } One thing I instantly noticed in this Galaxy CB radio … --- DX 2547 CB Base 10 Meter Base Radios -->, , , Galaxy DX Makes operating the radio at night much easier. also have a rci 2970dx mobile radio i bought new this is a nice working radio it has been peaked and tuned from the factory 275 cash also a rci 2950 with chrome cover it is a good talking cb radio 125 … A terrific combination of powerful performance and top … * * * * * DX 959. Wire colors do … 2. .table_d2e175 { } border-color: #000000; --- DX 2517 As Seen On border-color: 330099; .table_d2e10 td { border-color: #000000; --- DX 929 (big picture) DX 33HP2. --- DX 979 (big picture) --- DX 2527 (Discontinued) of these three CB models is what you're looking for. Save 20%. .table_d2e149 td { Galaxy Radios at CB World. This radio has been around for a number of years and has proven itself as a popular and reliable export model mobile radio. .table_d2e97 { DX959B - Single Sideband Plus A Large Easy To Read Auto-Calibrating SWR Meter means you get a lot in this popular CB radio. 4335 Steeles Ave. West, Toronto Ontario M3N1V7 Tel: 416-667-1000 Print our CB radio shopping guide to compare the features of our radios to other radios you may be considering. The callers voice will come out of your CB speaker, and your CB mic will act as the primary microphone for the call. Galaxy offers affordable, high-quality CB radios to users of all skill levels. It is time to speak about the Galaxy CB … * * * * * Galaxy DC Power Cord Socket DX48 / … Cobra 29LTD CB Radio - Cobra 29 LTD CB Our Price: $119.00 . We have base station radios, antennas, and microphones! CB Radio and Antenna System Base Combo. .table_d2e168 td { We pride ourselves on welcoming Radio Hobby enthusiasts of all types, while offering unbiased, informative, and friendly discussion among the members. .table_d2e78 { Radios with Public Address (PA) accommodate the connection of a PA horn via wire that is mounted outside the vehicle. While the Galaxy-DX-959 CB Radio looks quite complex with all the knobs required for operation, it’s a brilliantly designed radio ideal for both professional and entry-level CB radio operators. This Galaxy DX 949 Offers a Superior PC Board, and So Many Features From The Factory That Other Companies Don’t Stand a Chance at This Low Price. FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $75+ Galaxy DX 959 B– Editor’s Choice. ... Go To the Galaxy 949 / 959 Radio Mods Page Go To the Galaxy Melaka Mods Page Go To the Galaxy 33HML Mods Page Go To the Galaxy 73HML Mods Page Cobra with the elimination of their base station radios. ... Galaxy DX 94HP Slick Sucka posted Oct 25, 2020. Galaxy DX Radios: Galaxy DX Radios Web site : 10 Meter Mobile Radios. DX 979. Hello test. Toyocom (MS-5) - Hands Free Remote Mount CB Microphone System, Black, Factory Wired, 4-Pin Cobra-Uniden, Mobile Comm. } Galaxy DX2547 CB Radio with Built-in AC/DC Power Supply for in-door operation PT99 18ft Base Station CB antenna RG8UB50 50ft Coax Cable with hand-soldered PL-259 connectors. The Galaxy DX 2547 is the only AM & SSB CB Radio still widely sold across the United States. Galaxy Dx919 Cb Radio - DX 919 Galaxy Cb Radios Our Price: $115.00 . For Galaxy Cb radios see Cb radio in the left menu. TECHNICAL & INSTALLATION RESOURCES | 80,000+ SATISFIED CUSTOMERS border-color: #000000; Dec 22, 2008 Indiana 0. } } DX 949. } Galaxy BASECOMBO Features. --- DX 77HML --- DX 45MP Radios that include an illuminated screen, knob panel or both. With the flip of a switch, the radio can be transformed from a CB to serving as the microphone for your own intercom, broadcasting your voice to those outside the vehicle via the horn. --- DX 99V Used Radios and Accessories CB Radios. It is the Best Dx99V Galaxy Cb Radios available in the market today. CB Radios are ideal for communications while travelling and for emergencies. NOTE: This works on Galaxy Radios that use front microphone that are 8" Wide. 199. .table_d2e128 td { DX 949. -->. Galaxy CB Radios. 66% Recommended (2 of 3) 5 stars. --- Product Overview border-color: #000000; Jeil Innotel (JCD-201M-CB) - CB & 10 Meter Base Mic, For Galaxy CB Radios and Most 10-Meter Radios… Which antenna oneroad posted Oct 24, 2020. DX 47HP. -->, , ,

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