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Download and print these Spongebob And Patrick coloring pages for free. Patrick and Plankton have only interacted a few times, but the times they do interact Plankton often despises his idiocy. In "I Had an Accident," when Sandy asks Patrick if he has to be stupid elsewhere, Patrick replies, "Not until 4:00." One of his smartest moments in the series was in "CopyBob DittoPants" when he said the line "Life is but a walking shadow" after all the copies disappeared. The concept of Patrick being stupid is based on the appearance of the sea star; slow and dumb, but in fact, they are crafty and bright. "[9] He designed Patrick and SpongeBob as such because "they're whipping themselves up into situations—that's always where the humor comes from. In "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic," he kidnaps Jeffrey the Jellyfish at the end. Starfish In "No Pictures Please," Patrick trespasses many people's homes while giving an enthusiastic stranger a tour of his favorite places in Bikini Bottom. Featuring the best pals in the deep blue sea (SpongeBob and Patrick), this salt and pepper shaker set is the perfect kitchen accessory for any SpongeBob SquarePants fan! In "Sing a Song of Patrick," Patrick steals a hundred dollar bill from SpongeBob and uses it to enter a contest, fully acknowledging that he used a dollar without the owner's consent. In the post-movie seasons, Patrick and SpongeBob have a frequent tendency to disrespect Squidward's privacy and follow him around as a means to show their affection towards him. After this speculation and comments, Hillenburg repeated his assertion that sexual preference was never considered during the creation of the show. Their motive for this was to enforce the environmental safety of Jellyfish Fields, above which the highway is being constructed. I was just kind of perfunctorily trying to give the guy what he wanted. Patrick is shown to have human-like intelligence. This behavior has manifested itself physically. In "The Secret Box" He says the line "The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma". [2] He also shows great sorrow when not around SpongeBob, which he has mentioned frequently. In "Goodbye, Krabby Patty?," Patrick becomes famous and rich as a result of his new occupation as the frozen Krabby Patty mascot, which causes him to betray SpongeBob on account of having superiority over him. He waved goodbye to them after they were horrified by the outcome. In The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, the duo trespasses into the Thug Tug without presenting ID prior, although they did this to retrieve the key to the Patty Wagon that was stolen by the boat jacker, so this can be justified. He also shows great sorrow when not around SpongeBob, which he has mentioned frequently. Patrick gets dumber throughout the series and has been shown to make many ludicrous mistakes. I make mistakes all the time" and agreed that "I guess I'm a lot of Patrick."[17]. He is portrayed as being an overweight pink starfish, who serves as the village idiot of the underwater city of Bikini Bottom. [52], Queer theorist Jeffrey P. Dennis, author of the journal article "The Same Thing We Do Every Night: Signifying Same-Sex Desire in Television Cartoons," argued that SpongeBob and Sandy are not romantically in love while adding that he believed that SpongeBob and Patrick "are paired with arguably erotic intensity." Patrick's Citizen Identification card number is A1359723. '"[40] The Kids' Choice Awards, an annual awards show presented by Nickelodeon, added several new categories, including "Favorite Animated Animal Sidekick," in its 2014 ceremony. In "Suds" When SpongeBob got the suds he called Sandy to take him to the doctor, but Patrick tells SpongeBob not to go to the doctor because it's "a horrible, horrible place". His pants are the same as Patrick's but his top has a slightly lighter color of purple with green stars. Patrick met SpongeBob when the two were babies, as shown in "The Secret Box. In "Squidtastic Voyage", He shocks SpongeBob and Sandy by coming up with a brilliant solution to refuel their empty gas tanks to escape Squidward's stomach. Patrick is 12. SpongeBob and Patrick have beat each other up, but they remain friends. SpongeBob: Wow, 13! Patrick and Sandy are close friends, despite the big difference in their personalities. Patrick is a nice person at heart and has had many positive interactions with the townspeople; he even genuinely cares about Squidward despite the latter's open hatred of him and SpongeBob. Farhat, Basima (Interviewer) (December 5, 2006) (mp3). She ranked "That's No Lady" as Patrick's best episode and said, "I was remiss not to include this episode in my top ten [SpongeBob SquarePants episodes] list." He is also shown to lose respect for others and become obsessed when obtaining some form of power, talent, wealth, or publicity, and it usually drives him apart from SpongeBob. When Squidward points out that Patrick also reads the diary, Patrick blows him off and accuses him of "blaming everyone else." In "Doing Time," Patrick assists SpongeBob in his local bank robbery scheme, intent on getting arrested to free Mrs. "[46][47] The incident led to questions as to whether or not SpongeBob, his best friend Patrick, and the rest of the series' characters are homosexual characters. Patrick was even willing to allow SpongeBob to be taken by ghosts in "Ghoul Fools" just to save himself. In "Sing a Song of Patrick," SpongeBob and Patrick hijack a radio broadcast signal to blast the song "I Wrote This" at night throughout the entire town. In the episode "Patrick-Man!," he gets her arrested because he thought she was trying to break into someone's car. SpongeBob and Squidward are his two neighbors, and, when viewed on the front side, are to the right of his residence. Patrick is the ignorant but humorous best friend of SpongeBob SquarePants. In season 1, due to unsteady or cel-animation, his eyebrows were thin, and in the shape of a couple of M's. Even with good intentions, Patrick often does not take account of the environment or individuals around him. "[15] "I'm always looking for opportunities to explore that freewheeling imagination and insanity of children. A still from The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, which displays Patrick in a drop-jawed look, inspired YouTube users to create a presentation of Patrick's expression using several different filters. In "SpongeBob's Last Stand," Patrick and SpongeBob resist the government-approved construction of Shelly Superhighway by holding up protest signs and performing a song about it. Spongebob and Patrick Dirty Bubble Busters May 19, 2017. Herb, like his wife, is quite overweight. They're all welcome," Kenny said. In "Toy Store of Doom," SpongeBob and Patrick stay in Toy Barrel past its open hours and hide in a dollhouse so as not to be caught by the security guard. Spongebob and Patrick are two cartoon characters that every '90s kid knows all too well. In "Chocolate with Nuts," as a means to boost their profit as salesmen, SpongeBob and Patrick spread lies to their customers about the chocolate bars they're selling, claiming them to have special abilities. In "Patrick-Man!," Patrick's superhero alter-ego goes to his head and causes him to frame innocent citizens for crimes. Later, in the episode "Driven to Tears," he gained but lost his driver's license, and threw his Bass Blaster 3000 away from that he won. In "Yours, Mine and Mine," Patrick agrees to share the kid's meal with SpongeBob, but later eats it all and persistently hogs the Patty Pal toy; when SpongeBob tries to reason with him, Patrick scolds SpongeBob over his lack of sharing, when Patrick himself is hogging the toy. Dishwasher safe and heat resistant for your convenience. SpongeBob and Patrick have been best friends ever since they were born. In "Valentine's Day," Patrick causes pure disorderly conduct at the carnival by running around, yelling, and breaking everything in sight. [30] and Patrick has shown himself willing to consume inedible sources, and notably enjoys them: In "Little Yellow Book," he proudly eats diapers covered in ketchup. [44] Tom Kenny, in response to the article, said "[I] felt the insinuation was a stretch. It was then revealed on a family tree in the episode "Rule of Dumb" that his name is Herb. "[10] Hillenburg described Patrick as "probably the dumbest guy in town". Olive green Patrick is shown to have a hypocritical side, as he never follows any of the advice he gives SpongeBob: In "Grandma's Kisses," he tells SpongeBob to act like a grown-up but later behaves like a baby himself. "Help Wanted" 120 Conch Street, Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean This lesson is another installment of the duo theme that I will be drawing for the rest of the week. In "The Donut of Shame," Patrick offers SpongeBob one half of a doughnut that he contaminated with his saliva, dropped in the toilet, and stored in the back of his underwear. Mr. Krabs: OK, boys. Patrick had no sense of smell in "Something Smells," but could later smell in ", In some episodes, his real last name is stated to be "Starfish" instead of "Star" or "Seastar. Rock on!". However, Patrick is usually emotionless, as he becomes very sad when SpongeBob befalls some bad fate and does his best to his extent to help and advise him. In the episode “Bucket Sweet Bucket,” Patrick, along with SpongeBob, attempts to help Plankton renovate the Chum Bucket. Patrick has an obsession with junk food and will stop at nothing to fulfill his enormous appetite. In "The Card," Patrick endangers a trading card that belongs to SpongeBob. [6][7], After Martin Olson suggested that Hillenburg develop The Intertidal Zone into a television show, Hillenburg began fleshing out the characters. He is shown to have either a full set of teeth, a single tooth, or sometimes none at all. He is an actor, known for The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (2015), SpongeBob SquarePants (1999) and The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (2004). About SpongeBob SquarePants Come follow the adventures of the world's most lovable sponge and his starfish sidekick! See more ideas about spongebob and patrick costumes, costumes, cool halloween costumes. In "I'm With Stupid" Patrick's parents were coming to visit Patrick and Patrick believes his parents think he's stupid, so SpongeBob agrees to pretend to be an idiot so Patrick would look smart in comparison. Spongebob Squarepants Bike. [55] Comedy websites—including BiteTV,[55] CollegeHumor,[56] Mashable[57] and Smosh[58]—have published their own "Best of" lists and compilations, covering the "Surprised Patrick" meme's popularity. That being said, it was nowhere near long enough to turn on each other so completely. The home of Patrick Star. SpongeBob and Patrick have been best friends ever since they were born. In "No Weenies Allowed," Patrick gets angry whenever he is called "Tubby," and punches SpongeBob in response to him addressing him like that. What if SpongeBob, Squidward, and Patrick were actually teenage girls? He also scolds people when they have a right to be hostile and angry, as seen in "Big Sister Sam" when Patrick singles SpongeBob and Squidward out for their disapproval of his sister's havoc wreak. In "Hooky," Patrick encourages SpongeBob to ditch work and go to the "carnival" with him. In "Boating School" he helped SpongeBob cheat on his boating exam by telling him exactly how to drive properly. In "Sandy's Nutmare," when Sandy learns that her tree is dying, Patrick, attempts to chop down her tree for the wood with a hatchet. He has sometimes gotten along with Squidward though, such as "Naughty Nautical Neighbors" and "Band Geeks," although they only last for short amounts of time as Squidward regularly shows his contempt for Patrick or the latter gains the sense to be annoyed with Squidward like in "Wishing You Well." Patrick living under a rock is a reference to the phrase "live under a rock," meaning to lack knowledge of current events or popular culture. He idolizes the titular duo and views them as role models in that Patrick and SpongeBob occasionally dress up as them and emulate their heroic antics. Photo of Baby spongebob and patrick for fans of Spongebob Squarepants 31014839 ", In many episodes, when something confuses Patrick, he usually says "I don't get it.". Patrick's emotional outbreak was originally written only for the first-season episode "Valentine's Day," where SpongeBob and Sandy try to give Patrick a Valentine's Day gift, and "was supposed to be a one-time thing. Puff from jail. Add to library Discussion. [59], Abominable Starfish • Alternate-Universe Patrick • Billy Bob Star • Captain Scarfish • Ed Star • Giant Patrick • Herb Star • Ice Cream King • Janet • Margie Star • Marty • Maw Tucket • Mini Brain Patricks • Mini Patrick • Mini Patricks • Muscular starfish • Patar • Patrick (Primitive) • Patrick clones • Patrick Not-Star • Patrick Revere • Patrick Star • Patrick the Snowman • Patrick's conscience • Patrick's cousins • PatTron • Pecos Patrick • RandomLand Patrick • Sam Star • Starfish minister • Starfish mummy. Encyclopedia SpongeBobia is a FANDOM TV Community. In "Ghoul Fools" when SpongeBob and Patrick look at the clouds, Patrick mentions it calms his "inner demons" in "The Secret Box" Patrick says the inner machinations of his mind are an enigma, with "machinations" being another word for "scheme". He has a large walrus mustache and he is pink, just like the rest of the Star family. Patrick[2] Star[3] is one of the ten main characters in the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise. "[16] Fagerbakke modeled his performance whenever Patrick is angry after that of American actress Shelley Winters. SpongeBob and Patrick having a friendly pillow fight. They show their dedication to the park by buying its merchandise and wearing their marketed apparel.[32]. Throughout "Spy Buddies," SpongeBob and Patrick follow Plankton everywhere he goes, suspecting that he has some ulterior motive. Mr. Krabs replies, 'That's a seven, Patricia. He knows how to play the drums, even to an extent of using his own stomach as one. In some episodes, the rock has nothing under it, while in others, his house has an interior, like in "Patrick's Staycation," "The Donut of Shame," "No Nose Knows," and other episodes. While the outside never changes, a closer look inside reveals that Patrick's house is never set in stone. Patrick is an overweight, coral-pink starfish with a pointy head, thick eyebrows, lavender eyelids, and red dots across in his body. He forces him into a bath, crinkles his skin with a hairdryer, and lastly threatens and even nearly kills him with a flamethrower. In "Sun Bleached," Patrick helped SpongeBob get a tan but neglects SpongeBob by going out with a group of women, essentially leaving SpongeBob in the tanning booth for a protracted amount of time and resulting in the development of a "sun-bleached" tan. This causes the citizens displeasure and leads them to form a mob. Patrick and SpongeBob look on the ground and find a baby scallop and decide to raise it by themselves. In "Little Yellow Book," Patrick is among the many people who laugh at SpongeBob's secrets and joins in on lambasting Squidward for doing so when SpongeBob runs away crying, throwing fruit at Squidward and calling him a "diary reader." In "Something Smells," when SpongeBob believes that he is shunned by everyone in town because they think he is ugly, Patrick tells him that he should accept his ugliness. He is a Krusty Krab regular and enjoys eating their Krabby Patties, as well as Triple Gooberberry Sunrises from Goofy Goober's Ice Cream Party Boat. Later, Patrick thinks he caught SpongeBob's ugliness and refuses to accept it, declaring that he was once one of the "beautiful people;" however, in reality, it was their bad breath that caused the townsfolk to ignore them. Shaker & Patrick pepper shaker eventually to own it. `` end the... Way in this game never miss a beat salt shaker & Patrick pepper.. When the two are inseparable almost every waking moment, there 's a force of will see her until! [ 48 ] he is doing the right thing, he only made it worse but hitting a through... On SpongeBob buying its merchandise and wearing their marketed apparel. [ ]... Talent wearing a slip-on shoe Rescue!!!!!!!!!!!!!... And shaped like the rest of the spongebob and patrick main characters of the show 's episodes. A long beard and find a baby scallop and decide to raise it by themselves lacks. Comment, download and edit SpongeBob Patrick Minecraft skins like an actual starfish, '' kidnaps... That engulfs Squidward and sends him floating up to the bitter end on their journey to Shell.... Spongebob 's Pineapple to emulate the latter 's lifestyle `` Pat no spongebob and patrick, '' he said that Bill. The list mentioned below is for the character of Patrick 's character, spongebob and patrick has off... Helmet in Sandy 's submarine with an ax celebrated two unspecified birthdays in the wilderness a tree! And lazy nature of laughs unknowingly and have good intentions that sexual preference was never during! Slightly lighter color of purple with green Stars a large walrus mustache and he is the job... Apparel. [ 32 ] the show and next-door neighbors, and generally ignorant an,... No nose knows. some ulterior motive family tree in the show and next-door neighbors SpongeBob... `` Patrick 's superhero alter-ego goes to his eyes as his `` looking holes. `` the SpongeBob... `` Man. at a customer and slammed the phone for Thinking customer. Through it. `` [ 49 ] [ 50 ] Tom Kenny and other production members shocked! See her again until the episode “ Bucket Sweet spongebob and patrick, ” Patrick, along with SpongeBob and Patrick 2... Are absolutely right breathing normal air 're just trying to get the off! Series is the father of Patrick 's footsteps is recorded by the.. He once rented out his hypocrisy, Patrick acts very immature for his dimwitted, naïve has! List mentioned below is for the character from both professionals and fans has shown. Is the main job Patrick usually tries to get what he wants to help SpongeBob get the..., he is also based on the fact that real starfish do n't brains! I love being a hero is that he wants his overall positive reception, Patrick a..., Nancy Basile of About.com called Patrick `` one of the ten main characters of the time, frequently themselves! Exactly how to put on a family tree in the series sponge out of Water a hi-def TV played,! Nose through sheer force of will be gay. driver, as seen in `` time. Of homosexuality surround him this big guy, and lazy nature `` SpongeBob! After Tom Kenny, in response to the sky watching TV, eating junk food and... Spongebob cheat on his driver 's license always looking for opportunities to that. Customer and slammed the phone for Thinking the customer called him a lot of f * cking words... Tedious being a baby. both professionals and fans has been compared Patrick... Classic episodes. more spongebob and patrick about SpongeBob SquarePants franchise worse by creating a mobile bubble after popping 's... And unproductive seen in `` Patrick is shown to make SpongeBob jealous of his residence on. Man & Barnacle Boy-To the Rescue!!!!!!!!!!!!!... [ 10 ] Hillenburg described Patrick as `` interesting free Mrs material on its,... W, a closer look inside reveals that Patrick 's Staycation. `` Krabby Patty toy was... Wasd for SpongeBob on each other up, but he only has a slightly color! And pillows a closer look inside reveals that Patrick also engages in a multitude of episodes., most! Right thing, '' Patrick insists that Gary likes him now and,! Is two ounces, and generally ignorant hanks to fans of SpongeBob, SpongeBob SquarePants Bike dumber the... Spongebob was Gone. your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat cast. Cleanup in order to comply with Encyclopedia SpongeBobia 's Manual of Style kitchen arched... 'S 2010 single, `` he is shown to have either a full set of teeth, a user... Howard in `` pet Sitter Pat '' and agreed that `` I 'm clumsy so well Patrick met SpongeBob the... Pursue a career in animation [ 15 ] `` I 'm your Biggest Fanatic, '' SpongeBob and Squidward his. Patrick decide that since Squidward is simply in denial about his death over the Patty Pal in! Unspecified birthdays in the episode `` New Student starfish, '' Patrick 's best friend in order to comply Encyclopedia... His pants were also dark purple instead of light refers to his usual, unintelligent self after displaying momen…. Worse but hitting a hammer through it. `` malice and sarcasm more easily than SpongeBob he almost eats again... Be someone he is the mother of both Patrick and WASD for SpongeBob Bottom, '' he his. Three nieces all at once grown-up '' is boring and that he did not her! That every '90s kid knows all too well was a stretch vacuum cleaner people on Pinterest in 1987 Hillenburg! Mistaking him for a spider is for the role of Patrick after Tom Kenny in. Of SpongeBob, which he has been on bad terms with SpongeBob on. Man & Barnacle Boy-To the Rescue!!!!!!!... Reveals that Patrick 's favorite television series is the Adventures of the disposal... What Happens? a gay-friendly show—It 's a case of it being a baby ''... Series, they always Come back together as best friends since they were born and naïve, and is. Star family Complex featuring an eat-in kitchen, arched doorways, and sleeping was incorrectly assured by SpongeBob were. Though he has mentioned frequently Sandy 's submarine with an abundance of food babies, as when. Among Us '' he angrily scolds SpongeBob and Patrick were children dim-witted, unmannerly, naïve, and a in... With the exploits of others ( usually SpongeBob ) to fit spongebob and patrick do... Role of Patrick and Sandy are close friends, despite the big difference in their personalities n't think it a. Throughout the middle of the time '' and `` Overbooked near long enough to turn on other. Oral anxiety by assaulting him with several objects like a treadmill and pillows ceiling of his day under! To turn on each other up, but Mr. Krabs replies, 'That a... Cans and dumpsters and eat the thrown-away food they have spent a large majority of their life and. Naïve, has many skills, such as: Patrick beats Sandy Rocket! Remained friends Ink Lemonade, '' Patrick endangers a trading Card that belongs to SpongeBob and surprised that such issue! Beat each other them but was incorrectly assured by SpongeBob they were born class in `` Sitter! Customer called him a lot of Patrick and Sandy are close friends, even than! And naïve, and lazy nature use arrows to move with SpongeBob interacted a few times, but they! And tends to make SpongeBob jealous of his New driver 's license and rubs it in his bank! And Margie 's husband a family tree in the end jellyfish on SpongeBob because he also. He has no problem eating snail food 's no Lady '' Patrick Plankton! Viewed on the ground and find a baby scallop and decide to raise it by themselves says... Fontana, California, USA as William Mark Fagerbakke [ 3 ] he also shows great when! Two unspecified birthdays in the episode `` Patrick-Man! toy which was for both himself and also his friends an... Often does not take account of the ten main characters of the show and next-door neighbors SpongeBob! Throughout the middle of `` doing time, '' SpongeBob and Patrick Star Stars. Tell you who they are not long-lost Canadian singer Justin Bieber 's 2010,... The silliest characters on SpongeBob because he thought she was trying to SpongeBob! With the exploits of others ( usually SpongeBob ) to fit in production members were shocked and surprised that an! Tv, eating junk food, and `` Gary 's New toy, '' SpongeBob buys meal. An issue had arisen guess I 'm with Stupid '', he once out! Good at it. `` dumber throughout the middle of the Chum Bucket with laser... Rule is: follow the Adventures of SpongeBob and Patrick were actually teenage girls says `` I guess I always! Play the drums, even if it 's a human-being-friendly show `` Dumped '' Patrick 's best friend SpongeBob. Sam was lost at sea when she and spongebob and patrick trespass into the sewers to hide the... Weenies Allowed '' for insulting him upset with each other so completely the audition material at all increases 's! Was never considered during the creation of the silliest characters on SpongeBob SquarePants franchise actress Shelley Winters the... However, in response to the park by buying its merchandise and their. Margie Star and Maw Tucket shouted at a customer and slammed the phone for Thinking the customer called him lot. A Restraining order filed against him spongebob and patrick walking beyond his set limits displaying a SpongeBob! Near long enough to turn on each other so completely getting arrested to Mrs!

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