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/Parent 232 0 R /AIS false and Speedy Cooking without … HIGHLY Hitachi Rotary Compressor. The information contained in this catalog is merely informative. ISO Capacity : 463L JIS Capacity : 602L Dimensions: 685(W) x 1,833(H) x 738(D) mm Energy Label Grade 1 Made in … Aisen (2) Avoir (6) Blue Star (6) … Hitachi, by developing new core technology, will continue providing highly-advanced screw air compressors to satisfy the needs of every customer. 247 0 R >> /Font << /TT0 248 0 R /TT1 251 0 R /TT2 254 0 R >> >> Compressor type by application. has received kind cooperation from Hitachi Japan. Shop online now and we deliver at your doorstep Since started with 75kW (100HP) piston-type compressors launched in 1911, Hitachi has been acting as a leader of air compressor industry and providing excellent qualities to the customers. ISO Capacity : 269L JIS Capacity : 315L Dimensions: 540(W) x 1,735(H) x 655(D) mm Energy Label Grade 1. Diamond … Hitachi, aiming to further development, provides solutions for different industries. 0000163909 00000 n ��2���D�)�awJ2�_��Z�L?7h��f(�� 15918S20003R4M] … Hitachi provide you home air conditioning system, small air conditioner,refrigerators, chillers, and air-purifiers in India. /Length 172 0 The Hitachi lubricated ( oil-flooded ) Bebicon compressor is a heavy duty piston compressor designed to operate long hours. >> /Usage 240 0 R Electromechanical Solutions SERIE WHP • R 134 a • R 290 • R 134 a (DC) 2 Baureihe / Range Hitachi Highly Wärmepumpen Kompressoren - Rotary -Heat Pump Compressor Lieferbar In Vorbereitung Hitachi Highly … Discover more. Refrigerator; Washer; Dehumidifier; Air Purifier; Steam Microwave Oven ; Small Appliances. /O 237 /SMask /None – Scroll Compressor Driven by the passion to innovate, Hitachi pioneered the first scroll compressor. Colour tone of actual products may differ from those shown in this catalogue (Nov 2017). 240 0 obj Please take a look at our compressors by application. With tried and tested reliability, scroll compressors from Hitachi offer an attractive option for manufacturers looking for an excellent return on investment. Hohe Leistungs zahlen in allen 0000157318 00000 n /Linearized 1 provides 10 year compressor warranty with Hitachi refrigerator price in Bangladesh. In 1993, Hitachi released the world's first variable rotating speed compressors … In this With this refrigerator, you will get 10 years compressor warranty. r&0p)�$p;p>h`:���A��ǁ����,���% � ��,� 2 Pages ... Hitachi Air Conditioning Product Catalogue. We are an authorized dealer of HIGHLY(Hitachi) rotary compressor for air conditioning made in China, We supply all kinds of HIGHLY(Hitachi) rotary compressor for air conditioner, range from 0.5 – 5HP. We specialize in manufacturing refrigerator compressors which used for refrigerator , air conditioning, cold room etc. We have a professional senior and skilled internet marketing team and a procurement team, supplying reasonable price compressors with excellent quality and good service in the same … Click to share on: R-S38KPH. High performance. Colour tone of actual products may differ from those shown in this catalogue (July 2020). Contact Supplier Company Favorites Company Favorites. Disclaimer and copyrights. /op false Click to share on: R-HWS480KH. Features for HITACHI Scroll Compressor; 1. 0000001186 00000 n 30 – 300 HP (20 – 240 kW) Male Rotor Female Rotor Thermal Expansion Optimized Clearance �\r|��7���B%����Ț���3�^���%��H|���)�{��zU�k�C�1K3I7��nG�:�*�k)���#���s�R��H?&�F�!y����g Q]���U��*�-�"%��l��A�(�0ɩG/8|߳�9/�(�A�k���r��������#f�`n�8���ƫτn�D�lo~I&��%��?i��*���/�H_|�˹zP�g�ːE��qZ��j\��A>�(�2�� E;�z���"S}�L ���{�n�/(��ٜ���Є)u�l'��=���6���Sa.�^��f!C�2�� �z���1�$�qY1�A�˿U�9��R3�u�^WV�7є8��&2��s;�*�. They combine a compact size with incredibly quiet performance and low vibration, making these compressors a popular choice for refrigeration display cabinets. /Pages 232 0 R endobj 259 0 obj Compare Prices & Shop Now! It combines a low profile with a space saving design for low and high temperature applications. /Root 236 0 R >> 0000187281 00000 n Jun, 2020. Hitachi Refrigerators : Buy Hitachi Refrigerators Single/Double/Triple Door Refrigerators Online. 2 Pages. /ColorSpace /DeviceRGB Click to share on: R-SG32KPH. US $99.00 / Unit. New Air Compressor Pressure Switch Control Valve For Hitachi 882-609 PS104PPL 90-120PSi 240V Replaces Models EC12, EC129, EC10, EC119, EC79 4.5 out of 5 stars 11 $13.99 $ 13 . Hitachi Compressor, Refrigerator Spare Parts, Air Conditioning Parts manufacturer / supplier in China, offering 5HP New Original Hitachi Air-Conditioning Compressor 503dh-80c2, Carlyle Screw Compressor 06nw2209s7nc-A00 for Cold Room, 50HP Bitzer Screw Compressor Csh7553-50y-40p and so on. Order) Guangzhou Europ Refrigeration Co., … Hitachi compressors are also highly versatile. 236 0 obj /E 197515 Search in Hitachi-Johnson Controls Air Conditioning Inc. catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the information you need in 1 click. Np��2���{�����@��A�;���[p��0�G�����n}��S����S�g��g��vw�~YxY��QQ�PQ��ޠab�c���bc�Ғ���г�2�31q�J rp�s31 � ���+)+� h�k(�I)*���8LL\l\

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