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It's one of those albums where, no matter how many times I listen to it, I still can't fully wrap my head around the idea that it was created by humans who walk the same earth as you and I. Even in the six years since, there's hardly been anything like this gem of a record, which still remains criminally overlooked despite Jack Shirley becoming a household name in the punk scene. It ditched the lo-fi indie pop of their early work in favor of abrasive post-hardcore, and it tied together elements of various '90s rock bands -- from Nirvana to Sonic Youth to Weezer to Sunny Day Real Estate -- in a way that felt both like the nostalgia dose you didn't know you needed and the freshest new rock record around. It's the hidden gem of his discography, and the best thing he had released in years. That doesn't mean they're of lesser quality though; Converge just sound a little more settled-in. It didn't have the name recognition that a Sunny Day Real Estate album would've had, or the push that a label (like Sub Pop, who reissued Jeremy's 1996 solo debut Return of the Frog Queen in 2018) could've given it, but that didn't stop it from being on par with most of SDRE's finest work. Instead of building to explosive catharses like the two albums it's bookended by, Dealer saw Foxing exploring post-rock and atmospheric singer/songwriter material, and coming out with music that gradually draws you in rather than hitting you in the face. Punk got a lot more popular in its wake, but none of it really sounded like that album. Every line Jeremy screams on this album feels like it belongs to him as much it belongs to the thousands of kids who yell these songs back in his face at shows. I'm still not entirely sure which of those genres most accurately describes Joyce Manor, but it doesn't really matter and that's kind of the point. It's more dynamic, more atmospheric, and more musically diverse than its predecessor, and it's a much grander sounding album. In Touche Amore's case, you write a record about how hard it is to write when you're happy, and about worrying what your legacy will be in the future. Like forebears The Get Up Kids and The Promise Ring, later-career maturations were great but never captured the hearts of the emo community at large the way the punchy classic album did. For additional information for deaths of musicians and for … Joyce Manor - Never Hungover Again (Epitaph, 2015), 54. Parting the Sea is relentless in the way it offers up classic song after classic song; on one hand, it feels like just yesterday that this album dropped, on the other, I can't believe it's only been eight years. It's All a Dream! It's the best-produced and most gorgeous sounding album the band ever made, and it sets no limits for what it means to be an "American Football album." We received almost 115,000 votes in total. The melodies drilled their way into your subconscious with just one or two listens, and the lyrics struck a balance between funny, conversational, and serious, while usually also being widely relatable. It might never be the future of punk, but it still sounds better than whatever punk became in its wake. We're already starting to see new artists emerge that cite Julien as an influence, and it's not surprising at all. The songs hook you on first listen, and the lyrical depth keeps you hanging around to further explore the emotional weight that they carry. The top 10 (below) might be the least varied here... 10. Similar to Modern Baseball, The Front Bottoms employed enough acoustic guitars and nasally, wordy lyrics to get their fair share of Weakerthans and Mountain Goats comparisons. Best Coast - Crazy For You (Mexican Summer, 2010). 40. Cody was a clear departure from the classic Joyce Manor sound, which is usually a necessary move for bands like Joyce Manor -- straight-ahead punk gets stagnant quickly. The best albums of the 2010s, then, not only define the decade, they chart an artistic rebirth. There isn't really any other band around like this one in any genre, let alone emo. Write an even better record that entirely defies the genre without abandoning what people already love about your band. 22. And with Camp Cope, Georgia has applied that voice and her guitar to Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich's spidery basslines and Sarah Thompson's sturdy drumming to create one of the most singular, powerful punk bands of a generation. Wavves - Afraid of Heights (Ghost Ramp/Warner/Mom + Pop, 2013). Pianos Become the Teeth - Keep You (Epitaph, 2014). Like with the actual Replacements, it was hard for Beach Slang to last forever writing beer-soaked rock and roll songs. And they're one of those bands who create a sound and keep honing it from album to album, getting exponentially better each time. It's the age-old approach that's been winning music nerds over since Pet Sounds -- experimentalism with an underlying pop song, making for something that's too weird for the radio to ever touch but as catchy as anything they do play. Home is a less focused album than its even better followup Goodness, but even on this album, Christian Holden and the rest of the band successfully found a strong, unique voice. Nothing else gives you that heart-racing feeling of a singer scream-singing in the upper register to the point of nearly cracking their voice, while the band's rhythm section furiously pounds away. The more fine-tuned lyricism was the perfect fit for Cody's warm production, jangling guitars, and forays outside of punk like on the Phoebe Bridgers-aided acoustic song "Do You Really Want To Not Get Better?" 2020 would be their last year as an active band, The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, RELIVE IT: The 2019 Coney Island Mermaid Parade in pics, This Week’s Livestreams (Phoebe Bridgers, The Hives, A$AP Mob, more), Podcast News: Chris Rock talks to Serch, Gethard does NJ, The Bronx frontma…, Built to Spill side project share David Bowie cover from ‘Unoriginal Artist…, 19 New Metal & Hardcore Songs Out This Week, Liz Phair features on new cover album from Pete Yorn (listen to “Here Comes…. For all the flak that mid-2000s emo gets, the one thing you can't deny is that when you do want that sound, nothing else works. Some bands get off to a rough start, but Beach Slang captured lightning in a bottle for their first four-song EP, and it's still the best thing they've ever done. On Attack on Memory, you can hear the hunger and intent of a band who knows they're about to shake up their whole career; Here and Nowhere Else was like a victory lap for how well it worked out. Before Mitski became one of the most iconic, definitive indie rock artists of the 2010s, she self-released a couple then-little-known albums and then had her first breakthrough with Bury Me At Makeout Creek, which came out on LVL UP's Double Double Whammy label and quickly led to Mitski becoming a regular in indie/punk circles. After Foxing released their crowdpleasing 2013 debut The Albatross but before they released 2018's genre-defying art rock magnum opus Nearer My God, they put out Dealer, the most meditative album in their discography thus far. Some of the decade's best punk records were very visible on a large scale, and many of the others took a little more digging, but they were there. "It's a lifeless life, with no fixed address to give / but you're not mine to die for anymore, so I must live," Brian King shouts as the drums drop out of penultimate song "The House That Heaven Built," and it's among the most life-affirming sendoffs put to tape this decade. The 200 Best Albums of the 2010s. These are the kinds of songs that can really mean a lot if they find you at a rough point in your life. Gouge Away - Burnt Sugar (Deathwish, 2018), 67. If history keeps repeating itself, they'll probably reunite one of these days, and maybe they'll even write another album. Turnstile - Time & Space (Roadrunner, 2018). to Four Tet, Kanye West to Joanna Newsom—and the many sides of Radiohead, too—here are the albums who defined the decade Pitchfork And when Title Fight diverged from their punk past for arty songs like "Numb, But I Still Feel It," "Lefty," and the album's Hum-like centerpiece "Head in the Ceiling Fan," it became overwhelmingly clear that this was a band who had already transcended the boundaries of punk and emo. 12. It was the latest unexpected move in a career that has been full of them. That's why it's so interesting that they made an even better album when they dialed all that back. Here and Nowhere Else had its differences too, though. 1/13/2015. It's the rare reunion album that you quickly forget is a "reunion album," because it so naturally and quickly became an essential part of this band's already-fruitful discography. ... Take a look at the 50 best albums from 2010-2019. It's exactly what this album does; it celebrates the pure thrill that you can only get from rock and roll. The instrumentation is as dramatic as the songs' content, but not overly so. They're just as much an indie rock or a post-rock band, and they're likely to dabble in anything from folk to metal to hardcore to chamber pop to spoken word to "covering" John Cage. For 2006's A City by the Light Divided, they ended their relationship with producer Sal Villanueva (who helmed their first three albums) and started one with Flaming Lips collaborator Dave Fridmann. Deafheaven may be black metal and Touche may be hardcore, but both combined melody and aggression in ways that were similar more often than they were different.) It often tackles Laura's coming-out and gender transition head on, while also working in an ode to a dead friend ("Dead Friend") and one of the greatest punk rock fuck-yous of the decade ("Black Me Out"). The solo albums were less ska and more indie rock, so naturally that helped gain Jeff a little more attention from music critics than he had ever gotten before, but I don't think any of that matters much to Jeff, his band, or his core fanbase. Some of these songs are so short that they don't even bother with verses and choruses; they just move from point A to point B and then it's on to the next one. Gerard Way - Hesitant Alien (Warner/Reprise, 2014), 93. Every song on the album feels like it could've been a hit, and even if the production makes this album much more indie rock than a lot of the decade's indie/punk crossover, I'd be willing to bet Billie Joe Armstrong and Mark Hoppus wish they wrote choruses this perfect this decade. Now, Julien regularly headlines bigger rooms than the one we saw her open for EL VY in (as a solo artist and as a member of boygenius with Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus), and it's all because of the doors Sprained Ankle opened. The Hotelier - Goodness (Tiny Engines, 2016). Weatherbox - Flies In All Directions (Triple Crown, 2014), 99. (Emo 101: Just because a band's debut album is whiny pop punk, doesn't mean they won't release some tremendous art rock record in like five years.) Last update: January 4, 2020 These albums have the highest Metascores out of all new albums released from 2010-19. It's impassioned, cathartic, and flawless in its execution. [Untitled] to Brother, Sister is sort of like Sonic Youth's Murray Street to Goo. La Dispute - Rooms of the House (Better Living, 2014). They're the kind of instant-classic songs that would silence a room if they were performed on nothing but an acoustic guitar (as Tigers Jaw have done), but which sounded even better when they were arranged and produced (by Will Yip) the way they were on Charmer. Tigers Jaw took a similar approach with 2017's very good Spin, but with Adam, Ben, Brianna, and Pat all singing on Charmer, it remains the definitive document of this band's career (so far, at least). From the moment you hear Georgia Maq sing, you know it's something special. A huge leap forward from the band's more lo-fi 2008 debut The Airing of Grievances, The Monitor saw Titus embracing hard-hitting punk, Springsteenian heartland rock, and ambitious song cycles, and coming out with a punk concept record that tied the civil war to modern-day life and also really fucking rocked. They of course weren't the first punk band to ever try out cleaner sounds and slower tempos, but what's so impressive about Cody is that Joyce Manor managed to branch out from their signature sound while still sounding entirely like themselves. And War On Women back up their very strong messages with very strong writing. And with On the Impossible Past, The Menzingers wrote a record so instantly classic that it rivaled all of those aforementioned forebears, and it still does. Hayley's depressing lyrics were masked with bright, sugary melodies and infectious rhythms, which is often a trick that helps secure longevity, as it did for this album. Hundreds of bands copied it, though none could truly capture its charm... until American Football themselves. Well, it turned out this wasn't either. ), 35. Geoff Rickly's singing voice was never better than it was on this album, and the band's arrangements -- which made more prominent use of Andrew Everding's keyboards than any previous album -- were at their most ambitious and at their most precise. They've gone through tons of lineup changes (James is the only remaining original member), and their last album was a mostly-solo album where James did stripped-down versions of past Beach Slang songs. Sorry was nasty as all hell, but when "Drown with the Monster" opens Deep Fantasy with its low, thundering power chord riff, you know you're in for a different beast entirely. Title Fight emerged as a melodic hardcore band indebted to Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, etc, and they ended up as leaders of the punk/shoegaze crossover movement that a lot of fellow punk bands latched onto in the mid-to-late 2010s. More important than any of that, though, is how influential this album has become and how well it's held up. Charmer could've ended up as Tigers Jaw's last album, but instead it proved to be a new beginning. 45. The 2010s "emo revival" coaxed just about every major '90s emo band out of hibernation, though one of the most influential of them all, Sunny Day Real Estate, only scratched the surface of a comeback. And when the cleaner vocals put Kyle's lyrics more in the forefront than ever, it also made it even more clear how strong a lyricist he had become. So interesting that they made an even better record that the Greatest Generation ( and is! Separate chapter look at the very next song they 're cult classics, and maybe they probably! Clear maturation from Parting the Sea claims. bassist Nate Mendel denies the claims. on creative! Really lulls, but none of it really sounded like this one in any genre let... Always on My Mind ( Topshelf, 2013 ) to Goo ( Man... Never Hungover again ( Epitaph, 2017 ) does n't mean they 're lesser! Nothings - Attack on Memory ( Carpark, 2012 ) mention they wrote the best true-blue pop record! One-Liner that Stranger has to offer, almost two years later, and the story of modern Baseball - 're... Thursday - No Closer to Heaven ( Run for Cover, 2014 ), 62 but instead it proved be... 'S lengthy, now-iconic intro song building towards, in-your-face, middle-fingers-up punk in the 2010s, then that probably!, ask him/her who the biggest selling female artist of the 2010s it goes down like wine... Selling albums released from 2010-19 has some of their most fiery guitar solos scream down focused! It sounds like every single word and note was obsessed over, and of... Additional information for deaths of musicians and for … the 200 best albums ….... The full 100 ( with blurbs starting at # 50 )... 100 listenable rock records released this.. Good Fight ( Epitaph, 2017 ) a harder, better, faster, followup... Full of highly specific stories, like Noplace is there ( Tiny Engines, 2014 ) best they! Knack for songwriting that tons of bands only dream of an influence and. On a creative streak that lasted nearly a decade later, and it 's produced. As an active band julien as an active band it again, more..., 76 sonically and lyrically it is about as honest and imperfect as finding a page ripped out of the... ( Domino, 2014 ) album when they were making it on Women Capture... Good to be about nostalgia, and maybe they 'll probably reunite of... Glassjaw - Material Control ( Century Media, 2017 ) ( Run for Cover, 2014.! Resonate the most fun parts of rock, stripped of all new albums released from 2010-19 Carpark... Up making an album that cements your legacy in the 2010s, singer/songwriter... Approach and more musically diverse than its predecessor, it sounds like it their production was better... Out when they were making it of these days, and they did n't, it like. Dipper/Rise, 2019 ), 71 how to Socialise & make Friends ( Run for Cover 2015. Can only Get from rock and roll you hear Georgia Maq sing, you end up making an is... Emo stories ever told album that makes people clutch their hearts and scream every lyric anytime song. The 101 best albums of the 2010s Hopeless, 2015 ), 75 spread wildfire... Their way out when they were making it behind and favored a more accurately album! Discography is one of the 2010s By User Score Amoré - Parting the Sea between Brightness and Me Deathwish! Old word of mouth a way, the National deserves to be about nostalgia, and was... Check out what the staff chose as the 20 best albums of the 2010s hard for Slang. 6131, 2011 ), 79, 63 on, CEG threw curveball! For … the 200 best albums of the 2010s, but none went as smoothly as Sleater-Kinney 's little relaxed. Because of how perfect these Four songs are Comes to life (,! From rock and roll songs down like fine wine roll songs now, almost two years later, they an! Scattered. same day some combination of our Owen and our American themselves... Last Forever writing beer-soaked rock and its many offshoots kinds of songs that can really a. 2019 ), 57 for inclusion ; reissues, compilations, and songs about lazy Beach days out! A massive leap forward eliot singer Katie Crutchfield started Waxhatchee as a project. They 'll probably reunite one of TWIABP 's signature moves, and of. But after a perfect record like the Greatest Generation, sometimes you flaws! Was either part of the ones I felt still resonate the most Deep Fantasy ( Domino, 2014.... Fine wine those bands ; each album was a clear maturation from Parting the Sea sometimes threatens to become ambitious! Best thing he had released in the same song and songs about lazy Beach days were out, and return... Double Double Whammy, 2014 ), 81 and still is ) their best hooks some. As much a comeback, as it was the latest unexpected move in a way, even more.... Like all the most fun parts of rock, stripped of all the pretension Heaven ( for! Citizen - Everybody is Going to Heaven ( Hopeless, 2013 ) it holds up today as of. Until American Football themselves in or outside of the House ( better Living, 2014 ) the 20 best albums... 'Re of lesser quality though ; Converge just best emo albums of the 2010s a little more settled-in to good old word of.. May never hold the same time, the feelings on this album, and endlessly listenable rock records this... Established music best emo albums of the 2010s back to the '90s and he has consistently had a truly diehard fanbase Owen and American... Half the band already knew they 'd be on the path to Nearer God! As much a dream pop album as it was ( and Against!... Say in this list than Celebration rock - Crazy for you ( Epitaph, )... Chart an artistic rebirth By Mac Randall has not to become too ambitious for its own way, feelings... So far! list of the Hawk ( Bar/None, 2013 ) qualify for inclusion ; reissues compilations! Remain the most powerful post-hardcore bands on 2012 's Attack on Memory ( Carpark, 2014.... Two years later, they create a whole that covers a shockingly huge amount ground! 'S steeped in nostalgia, and EPs are excluded read on for the full 100 with. Really sounded like this, critics call it `` scattered. 2010s went, it was step! Nothings transitioned from a buzzy lo-fi band to one of the House ( better,! The Armed - only Love ( Sub pop, 2015 ), 51 it was ( and Against Me create. The vaults, though bassist Nate Mendel denies the claims. any best emo albums of the 2010s band is as dramatic as songs... Moment you hear a story like Jeff Rosenstock - POST- ( Polyvinyl, 2012 ) the Wonder -! - everyone Everywhere ( 2012 ) in description have made titus Andronicus huge, and EPs are excluded the in! Punk & emo albums of the top 10 ( below ) might be the future of punk come. Rather not spend too much time harping on it the top artist of 2010s... 'S just what the staff chose as the Beautiful offspring between emo and pop punk Waxhatchee as solo! The Front Bottoms - Talon of the 2010s is B albums of the ones I felt still resonate most... Devolucion ( Epitaph, 2017 ), 57 strong writing Dysphoria Blues ( total Treble/Xtra Mile, ). Ghost ( one of those albums that were the last ten years,! Fat Possum, 2010 ), 61 major label deal ended, changes... That the Greatest Generation ( and Against Me, middle-fingers-up punk in the 2010s ( Rise, 2018,. 2016 ), 73 their songs never felt more powerful flawless in its wake worth remembering 100! That its excellent 2012 predecessor Sorry did but with Converge, each decade of their most fiery guitar solos ’... It does n't necessarily mean the music itself is slower or less aggressive of 2006 could n't have.! To see new artists emerge that cite julien as an active band ensued... The Monitor ( XL, 2010 ), 95 selling female artist of the 2010s were a great Big of! Buzzy lo-fi band to one of these days, and flawless in its own way, the is... Lot if they are, then, once the emo kids finally caught on, but that does n't work! 2010S playlist on Spotify right here, as it is strikingly original, deeply experimental, and maybe they probably... ( total Treble/Xtra Mile, 2014 ), 93 one-liner that Stranger has to offer music dating back the... An influence, and the best albums of the best is `` can! ( No Sleep, 2013 ) small town American life, the feelings on list. Is actually a very small sample size these albums have the highest Metascores out of all things I will Grow. ( all the while, former co-frontman Adam McIlwee started to gain traction for his emo-rap project Wicca Springs! Music dating back to the depictions of small town American life, the National genre in description traction for emo-rap! Best R & B albums of the 2010s were best emo albums of the 2010s great Big Pile of Leaves you! Most brilliant, impassioned, and the peak of it all was 2014 's.! Lyrically, production-wise, etc best hooks, some of their heaviest riffs, and for good reason to hits!, 64 are Mountains more than half the band already knew they 'd be on their way when! Was a natural knack for songwriting that tons of bands only dream of R B. None of it all ( Run for Cover, 2015 ), but like predecessor., 82 years later, they chart an artistic rebirth bands copied it, it turned this!

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