ABBREVIATIONS for IT & Telecom – for BSNL TTA JE Exam 2016

ABBREVIATIONS for IT & Telecom – for BSNL TTA JE Exam 2016
01.                      DSL               
Digital Subscriber Line
02.                     SD/SA              Service Deliver – Service
03.                     PRSA               PCO Relationship Servicing Agency
04.                     IP                    Internet Protocol
05.                     FTP                 File Transfer Protocol
06.                     SMTP              Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
07.                     TCP                 Transmission Control Panel
08.                     UDP                User Datagram Protocol
09.                     TTL                 Time To Live
10.                     TFTP               Trivial File Transfer Protocol
11.                     SN                   Sequence Number
12.                     SSN                 Second Sequence Number
13.                     AKN                Acknowledgement Number
14.                     ICMP              Internet Control Message Protocol
15.                     IGMP              Internet Group Management Protocol
16.                     VOIP               Voice Over Internet Protocol
17.                     NIB                  National Internet Backbone

18.                     QOS                Quality of Service
19.                     NAT                 Network Address Translation
20.                     IGW                 International Gateway Router
21.                     IXP                  Internet Exchange Point
22.                     IDC                 Internet Data Center
23.                     NOC                Network Operating Center
24.                     SSSS                Subscriber Service Selection
25.                     SSSC               Subscriber Service Selection
26.                     CPE                Customer Premises Equipment
27.                     GBIC               Giga Bit Interface Converter
28.                     BNG                Broadband Network Gateway
29.                     STB                 Set Top Box
30.                     VOD                Video On Demand
31.                     WICE              Window for Information
Communication and Entertainment
32.                     VOI                 Voice Over Internet
33.                     DSL                 Digital Subscriber Loop
34.                     FEOSDH        Fast Ethernet Over SDH
35.                     NOC                Network Operation Center
36.                     DR                   Disaster Recovery
37.                     RPR                 Resilient Packet Ring
38.                     BAP                 Broadband Aggregation Point
39.                     ODD               On Demand Diagnostic
40.                     CLI                  Command Line Interface
41.                     ITU                  International
Telecommunication Union
42.                     STM                 Synchronous Transport Module
43.                     VC                   Virtual Container
44.                     SDH                Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
45.                     RSOH              Regenerator Section Over Head
46.                     MSOH             Multiplex Section Over Head
47.                     AU
– PTR        Administrative Unit Pointer
48.                     SOH                Section OverHead
49.                     POH                Path Over Head
50.                     TM                   Terminal Multiplexer
51.                     ADM               Add Drop Multiplexer
52.                     REG                Regenerator
53.                     DXC                Digital Cross Connection
54.                     SNC                 Sub Network Connection
55.                     USHR              Uni directional Self Healing Ring
56.                     BSHR              Bi directional Self Healing Ring
57.                     PON                Passive Optical Network
58.                     GEPON          Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical
59.                     OLT                 Optical Line Terminal
60.                     ONT                Optical Network Terminal
61.                     ONU               Optical Network Unit
62.                     P2MP              Point To Multi Point
63.                     TDMA             Time Division Multiplexer Access
64.                     MPCP             Multi Point Control Protocol
65.                     DBA                Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation
66.                     NGPN             Next Generation Play Network
67.                     EPL                 Ethernet Private Leased Line
68.                     EPLAN            Ethernet Private Local Area Network
69.                     SLA                 Service Level Agreement
70.                     GEM               GPON Encapsulation Method
71.                     GFP                GPON Framing Procedure
72.                     POS                 Passive Optical Splitter
73.                     ODN               Optical Distribution Network
74.                     APON             ATM Passive Optical Network
75.                     EPON             Ethernet Passive Optical Network
76.                     GPON             Gigabit capable Passive Optical
77.                     MDD               Magnetic Disk Drive for storing
78.                     MOD               Magnetic Optical Drive
79.                     MTD                Magnetic Tape Drive for back up
and regeneration of exchange
80.                     OMT                Operation & Maintenance
81.                     CNMC             Centralized Network Managed
82.                     DLU                Digital Line Unit
83.                     LTG                 Line Trunk Group
84.                     SN                   Switching Network
85.                     MB                  Message Buffer
86.                     SYPD              System Panel Display
87.                     CCG                Central Clock Generator
88.                     CP                   Coordination Processor
89.                     CCNC             Common Channel Network Control
90.                     MTP                Message Transfer Part
91.                     SE                    Special Equipment
92.                     DEVD             Device Rack
93.                     DDF                Digital Distribution Frame
94.                     CP113D          Coordination Process 113
95.                     TRA                 Telecom Revenue Accounting
96.                     FRS                 Fault Repair Service
97.                     DQ                  Directory Enquiry
98.                     CRM                Customer Relationship Management
99.                     WSC                Web Self Care
100.                   LE                   Local Exchange
101.                   MTE                Magnetic Tape Emulator
102.                   AR                   Aggregation Router
103.                   RA                   Revenue Assurance
104.                   CTI                  Computer Telephoney Interface
105.                   IOBAS             Inter Operator Billing and
Accounting System
106.                   FMS                Fraud Management System
107.                   EMS                Enterprise Management System
108.                   EAI                  Enterprise Application
109.                   MOU               Minutes of Usuage
110.                   PMS                Payment Management system
111.                   MTBF              Mean Time Between Failure
112.                   PDF                Portable Document format
113.                   SSTP               Standalone Signal Transfer Point
114.                   DPC                Destination Point Code
115.                   GTT                 Global Title Translation
116.                   MNP                Mobile number Portability
117.                   SS7                  Signalling System 7
118.                   STP                 Signalling Transfer Point
119.                   MAP                Mobile Application Part
120.                   INAP               Intelligent network Application
121.                   SMSC              Short message Service Center
122.                   SSP                  Service Switching Point
123.                   SP/SEP            Signalling Point/Signalling End
124.                   M2PA              MTP2 Peer To Peer Adapter Layer
125.                   M3UA             MTP 3 User  Adaption layer
126.                   HLR                Home Location Register
127.     GGSN             Gateway  GPRS Support Node
128.     SGSN              Serving GPRS Support node
129.     NGN                Next Generation Network
130.     NAAF              Network Access and Attachment
131.     RACF              Resource Admission and Control
132.     TMG                Trunk Media Gateway
133.     CNG                Comfort Noise Generation
134.     VAD                Voice Activity Detection
135.     FCAPS             Fault, Configuration, Accounting,
Performance Security
136.     VAS                 Value Added Services
137.     ISDN               Integrated Service Digital Network
138.     BRA                 Basic Rate Access
139.     PRA                 Primary Rate Access
140.     FPH                Free Phone Service
141.     VCCS              Virtual Card Calling Services
142.     ACC                Account Card Calling
143.     VPN                Virtual Private Networks
144.     PRM                Premium Rate Services
145.     UAN                Universal Number
146.     VOT                Televoting Services
147.     FLPP              Fixed Line Pre Paid Telephone
148.     CNC                Call Now Cards
149.     PRBTS            Personalized Ring Back Tone Services
150.     SMS                 Short Message Service
151.     ECS                 Electronic Clearance Scheme
152.     AMS                Answering Machine Service
153.     PNP                Private Numbering Plan
154.     UPNS              Universal Personal Number Services
155.     BBRAS                        Broad Band Remote Access Server

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