MP LICE JTO(T) Exam 2013- General English & General studies Solved paper

Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for
Promotion to the Cadre of
JUNE 2013
PART-A GENERAL ENGLISH and GENERAL STUDIES                                            50 Questions
For Question from 1 to 3, find out which part of a sentence has an error –
Q. 1.            The Indian force a) / drove away b) /            the Chinese  c)  /  No error d)
Q. 2.            He is a) /       taller   b) /  than me  c) /             No error d)
Q. 3.            Ram is a) /   one year junior b) /        than Rahul c) / in our office d)
For Question from 4 to 7, choose the correct meaning of underline words—-
Q. 4.  The project of building ended in smoke.
            (a)    to give no practical result  P (b) to fall
            (c)    to catch fire                                     (d) ended in the destruction of the building
Q. 5.  None of this hanky-panky, please talk straight.
            (a)    obsession                                                      (b)         diversification
            (c)    jugglery P                                                    (d)         indifference
Q. 6. The result of the examination dashed my hopes.
            (a)    frustrate  P                                                 (b)         kill someone
            (c)    failed                                                              (d)         bring great happiness

Q. 7.The leader must have the Lion’s share of the booty.
            (a)    the stronger one                                        (b)         the smaller part
            (c)    the worthy part                                         (d)         the larger part P

Select appropriate word for Q 8 to 12
Q. 8.  The shopkeeper does not have the toys, I was looking –
                (a)          by                 (b) for  P                         (c) to                                                 (d) about

Q. 9.Divide twelve mangoes____________three boys.
            (a)    to                         (b)for                                    (c)between                    (d)among  P

Q. 10.Ram’s mother was 45 when she ____
            (a)    had dies            (b)has died                     (c) was dying                    (d) died P

Q. 11.Books are very often compared _____ a granary
            (a)    with                (b)         to                  (c) my                                  (d) at

Q. 12. They are very grateful ______ your kindness.
(a) for    P            (b)         for                          (c) towards                       (d) with

For Question No. 13 to 14 Select the suitable matching word
Q. 13.         He is an amateur photographer.
            (a)    coward          (b)         experienced       (c)          unprofessional  P           (d)         skilled

Q. 14.         The workers tried their best to thwart the plans of the management.
            (a)    embarrass     P           (b)         embitter              (c)          frustrate              (d)         hasten

Q. 15.         In spite of his best efforts t officer could not redeem his prestige.
            (a)    fulfill  P                        (b)         recover                (c) raise                               (d)extend

Q. 16.         Synonym of ‘APPLAUD’ is _____
            (a)    clapping P                   (b)         shouting              (c)          pray                      (d) beg

For Question No. 17 to 20 Select the suitable Antonym
Q. 17.         Shyam Plunged into the turbid waters of the stream
            (a)    deep                                (b)         Muddy                                 (c) clear  P                        (d)fresh

Q. 18.         My brother is very sensitive about hurting animals.
            (a)    callous  P                     (b)         senseless             (c) indifferent                 (d) in concerned

Q. 19. The coach was too lax about the training of the team.
            (a)    stern                               (b)         strict                     (c) firm                               (d) steadfast P

Q. 20.Antonym of ‘sorrow’ is –
            (a)    woe                                                 (b)         empathy             (c) joy P                            (d)sympathy

For Questions 21-25
            Read the following passage. The passage is followed by several multiple choice questions about it. Answer the questions by choosing the best suitable choice
            True, it is the function of the army to maintain law and order in abnormal times. But in normal times there is another force that compels citizens to obey the laws and to act with due regard to the rights of others. The force also protects the lives and the properties of law abiding men. Laws are made to secure the personal safety of its subjects and to prevent murder and crimes of violence. They are made to secure the property of the citizens against theft and damage to protect the rights of communities and castes to carry out their customs and ceremonies, so long as they do not conflict with the rights of others. Now the good citizen, of his own free will obey these laws and he takes care that everything he does is done with due regard to the rights and well-being of others. But the bad citizen is only restrained from breaking these laws by fear of the consequence of his actions. And the necessary steps to compel the bad citizen to act as a good citizen are taken by this force.  The supreme control of law and order in a State is in the hands of a Minister who is responsible to the State Assembly and acts through the Inspector General of Police.

Q. 21.         The expression ‘customs and ceremonies’ means :
            (a)    fairs and festivals.                                                     (b)         habits and traditions.
            (c)    usual practices and religious rites.    P            (d)         superstitions and formalities.

Q. 22.         A suitable title for the passage would be :
            (a)    the function of the army.                                      (b)         laws and the people’s rights.
            (c)    the fear of the law and citizen’s security.      (d)         the functions of the police. P

Q. 23.         Which of the following is not implied in the passage?
            (a)    Law protects those who respect it.
            (b)   Law ensures people’s religious and social rights absolutely and unconditionally. P
            (c)    A criminal is deterred from committing crimes only for fear of the law.
            (d)   The forces of law help to transform irresponsible citizens into responsible ones.

Q. 24.         According to the writer, which one of the following is not the responsibility of the                                 police?
            (a)    To protect the privileges of all citizens.
            (b)   To check violent activities of citizens.
            (c)    To ensure peace among citizens by safeguarding individual rights.
            (d)   To maintain peace during extraordinary circumstances. P

Q. 25.         Which of the following reflects the main thrust of the passage?
            (a)    It deals with the importance of the army in maintaining law and order.
            (b)   It highlights role of the police as superior to that of the army.
            (c)    It discusses the roles of the army and the police in different circumstances. P
            (d)   It points to the responsibility of the Minister and the Inspector General of Police.

Q. 26.         Many communities put salt on their roads after a snowfall, Why?
            (a)    To enhance the freezing and hardening of snow
            (b)   To control the slipping of vehicles
            (c)    To keep the melted snow from refreezing P
            (d)   None of the above

Q. 27.         The cloned buffalo Garima II gave birth to a calf, which is named as :
            (a)    Shresth          (b)         Samrupa             (c)          Mahima  P                         (d)         Masha

Q. 28.         Bats are able to fly dark without trouble because bats have a navigation system which        works very similar to :-
            (a)    RADAR           (b)         SONAR  P           (c) Dynamic positioning             (d) Compass

Q. 29.         Which one of the following pairs of physical quantities may be represented in thesame unit ?
            (a)    Temperature and work                         (b)         Heat and work
            (c)    Heat and temperature                            (d)         Specific Heat and Heat P

Q. 30.         The Blue colour of sky is due to the phenomenon of :
            (a)    Reflection                     (b)         Refraction          (c)          Dispersion          (d) Scattering P

Q. 31.         The velocity of sound is greatest in –
            (a)    Air                                    (b)         Water                   (c)          Vacuum               (d) Metal P

Q. 32.         Nail polish remover contains
            (a)    benzene                (b) formaldehyde       (c)    acetic acid                          (d)  acetone  P

Q. 33.         Mahanadi river originates in which among the following states of India?
            (a)    Chhattisgarh P  (b) Orissa           (c) Manipur                       (d) Assam

Q. 34.         The Indian subcontinent was originally a part of huge mass called –
            (a)    Jurassic                          (b) Aryavarta   (c) Indiana                         (d) Gondwana P

Q. 35.         Which one among the following has the largest shipyard in India ?
            (a)    Kolkata                          (b) Mumbai       (c) Visakhapatnam         (d)Kochi  P

Q. 36.         Gandhi sagar Dam is a part of which one of the following project ?
            (a)    Chambal        P            (b) Kosi               (c) Domodar Valley       (d) Bhakra Nagal

Q. 37.         The tropic of cancer passes through which one of the following ?
            (a)    Assam                            (b) Manipur       (c) Nagaland                     (d)Mizoram P

Q. 38.         In which state is the “Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of youth Development” located ?
            (a)    Tamilnadu   P            (b) Karnataka   (c) Himachal Pradesh   (d) Uttarakhand

Q. 39.         Which one of the following is the oldest mountain range in India
            (a)    Nilgiri                             (b) Himalaya    (c) Satpura                         (d) Aravalli P

Q. 40.         The Nanda Devi Peak is located in –
            (a)    Himanchal Pradesh                  (b) Jammu & Kashmir  (c)Sikkim          (d)Uttarakhand P

Q. 41.         Which the following place is not located on the banks of river Ganga ?
            (a)    Agra                P                           (b) Kanpur         (c) Allahabad                    (d)Patna

Q. 42.         ‘Sal’ trees are concentrated in –
            (a)    Tamil Nadu                  (b) Assam           (c) Bihar                             (d)Madhya Pradesh P

Q. 43.         Where is Asiatic wild ass found ?
            (a)    Rann of Kachchh  P (b)Kaziranga    (c) Ranthambhore         (d)Periyar

Q. 44.         Which country recently test fired Hatf -9 Missile ?
            (a)    Pakistan P                   (b)Bangladesh   (c)Iran                                (d)India

Q. 45.         1/2,  3/4,  5/8,  ?  ,  9/32
            (a)    11/9                                (b) 7/16 P         (c) 6/16                              (d)5/9

Q. 46.         Identify wrong number in following series 7, 4, 5, 9, 20, 51
            (a)    4                                       (b) 9                      (c) 20                                   (d)51 P

Q. 47.         Identify the letter series and f the missing letter in AZ, BY, CX, DW, ?
            (a)    EW                                  (b) EV  P            (c) EU                                  (d) FW

Q. 48.         ‘Oval’ is related to circle in the same way as ‘Rectangle’ is related to
            (a)    Triangle                         (b)Square  P     (c) Periphery                    (d) Diagonal

Q. 49.         Anaemia is to Blood as Anarchy is to –
            (a)    Monarchy                     (b)Disorder       (c) Lawlessness  P         (d)Government

Q. 50.         Karnataka is to Gold as Madhya Pradesh is to –
            (a)    Diamond P                 (b) Copper         (c) Iron                                (d) Gems

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